Last Meal Plan of 2012!

Last Meal Plan of 2012!

The last meal plan of 2012! How exciting! What a great blogging year I have had, and I have all you to thank. Thanks for stopping by and commenting these past 12 month, hopefully you stick around throughout 2013 too!

This weeks’ meal plan is super healthy! Packed with veggies and whole grains, and even some things that will help cleanse your body out after all those sweet I know you ate over Christmas! What better way to start the New Year, than eating healthy in an affordable way!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Veggie Marinara (I loosely follow a Kraft recipe for this) Make sure you use low sodium chicken broth, and loads of fresh veggies, and use a whole wheat pasta too. I omit the bacon and the chicken in this dish, making it much healthier and cheaper. Red Kidney beans would be great in this if you are looking to add more protein.

Tuesday – New Years day dinner with the family, not sure what is on the menu!

Wednesday – Healthy Taco Casserole (this is from my current Elf  4 Health match-up!) I don’t have brown rice in the cupboard, but I do have lots of quinoa!

Thursday – Turkey kolbasa stirfry with apples raisins and cabbage, served with whole wheat artisan bread – Kolbasa is on sale this week, and buying a turkey one is a much healthier option. Apples, raisins and cabbage are all inexpensive and so good for you! I made a sea salt and thyme version of my artisan bread for a party on the weekend and everyone went nuts for it, so I will make it again this week with some added whole wheat flour.

Friday – Veggie chili . Nothing like a hot bowl of chili on a cold winters day! Packed full of beans and tomatoes, it fills you up for hours, and it’s so good for you.

I found this post on Fit Sugar (make sure you check out their great workouts!) that lists some yummy foods to include in your meals to help your body detox after those Holiday sweets. I am a big fan of lemon water first thing in the morning, I already cook with lots of fresh garlic and ginger, and we eat lots of whole grains, but this week I am also adding in cabbage and even more fresh fruits for snacks!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! My hubby and I will be staying in and having a quiet new Years Eve; I will be lucky if I can stay awake till midnight, most years I don’t make it! Happy New Years Everyone!

As always I am linking up with Org Junkie, stop by and check out there great sites!


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  1. MPM definitely keeps me on track. I actually look forward to Mondays! This New Year's Eve, I'm staying home, cleaning our house and doing some blog visiting. Hubby had to work so it will be quiet. Your menu plan looks delicious. Have a wonderful week and a Happy New Year!

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