Year: 2013

DIY Frugal Recipes

The BEST Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love sweets, cookies being up there on my list of favourites, probably right below truffles. And at the top of my list of favourite cookies, oatmeal chocolate chips cookies rule all! I love Dad’s brand crispy store bought ones, and I love the bakery style soft and chewy ones too. For some reason though, […]


Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Remember when I said you should plan things early? Well that includes stocking stuffers! There are so many great options out there, and it doesn’t all have to be junky little things from the dollar store, or a sock full of candy either! My husband and I treat stockings for each other differently than we […]

DIY Frugal

Have a Very Frugal Christmas, It’s the Best Time of the Year!

See what I did there, with the title, go on, sing it, you know you want too 🙂 Ok, I know it’s too early to be talking Christmas, let alone singing Christmas Carols, I mean Advent is still weeks away and you Americans haven’t even had Thanksgiving. I am certainly not one to turn my […]

DIY Frugal Getting Organized Pinterest

Kitchen Commaned Centre Make Over

It’s was nearly 2 months ago that I first tweeted about redoing my kitchen command centre. With my son starting JK this year, we had tons of papers coming home each day, and they were taking over the kitchen counter and computer desk. I had already picked up an awesome calendar for the fridge to […]

Frugal Healthy Dinner Series Recipes

Frugal Healthy Dinner Series – Veggie Chili

I know I know, another Rachel Ray recipe, but what can I say, she has awesome recipes, and they are cheap and easy to make! Again, I have made some changes to it, for our tastes, and sometimes I just forget to buy the refried beans (it’s great with them too though)! My husband says […]

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