Meal Plan – January 7 2013

Meal Plan – January 7 2013

Well, it appears that awful cold that is going around has hit our house. Again. Both my kids were sick well before Christmas, and my husband was sick off and on for nearly 3 weeks. We were all healthy for a couple weeks over Christmas, but it’s back. We are all at different stages, and handling it differently. The kids are miserable, and when you have a pounding headache, dealing with whiny kids is just so much fun! We’ll survive it, it is just a head cold after all, and I am thankful for that! I am also thankful that this is all happening now, and not in a few weeks; it is our 5th wedding anniversary this month, and we are going away for a few days! Without the kids! Don’t want to be sick for that, so it’s best we get it over with now.

So here is a list of meals that I am shopping for this week, I can’t really match them up with days, because I will be picking the meals based on how easy they are to make, and how sick I am feeling. Here is what we are eating:

Spaghetti – whole wheat noodles with meat and mushroom tomato sauce (I will add extra garlic too, to boost our immune systems!)

Breakfast for dinner – eggs, ham, toast (this will be saved for when I am feeling the worst!)

Chinese vermicelli (I’m going to add broccoli!) with grilled pork chops

Slowcooker Santa Fe Chicken (probably use this when I feel awful one morning, knowing I will feel worse at dinner time!)

Veggie pizza (this will be saved for Friday, since we go meatless on Fridays)

In addition to grocery shopping at our usual store today, I am planning on heading to Costco. I am sick of buying certain groceries multiple times a week, so I am hoping to get some good deals on a few things. Specifically we need cheesy fish crackers, yogurt, and milk, and hopefully I can get some deals on some fruits and veggies too. I am also hoping they have pjs for my daughter, and I want to check their prices on coffee and a few other items. I knew we would eventually need to shop at Costco for groceries, I just always though it would be when we had a house full of teenagers, not toddlers!

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