Menu Plan Monday – January 14 2013

Menu Plan Monday – January 14 2013

This is a big week in our house: we register our oldest child for Junior Kindergarten, it’s our 5th wedding anniversary, and the NHL is finally starting! I am so very thankful that my husband and I have planned a little getaway for another weekend, as I would not be impressed if we had dinner plans on Saturday, only to discover that’s the first Leafs game…Not to say my husband would pick a hockey game over me, but he wouldn’t want to miss either.

We are still trying to eat as healthy as possible, and last week was a bit of a flop since I was sick and might have hit the drive thru at one point, and my husband stayed downtown for a Raptors game and I’m assuming he grabbed a few McDeals before it. This week is all about big salads! I am also going to be making up a bunch of mason jar salads for both of us, and cutting up celery and carrots for quick snacks. There are lots of sales in our area this week, unfortunately they are mostly on prepackaged junky foods! So our grocery bill might be a bit high this week. Correction, it will be a bit high this week: I shopping 3 times last week, and will end up doing the same this week. I hate this, I hate having to go out at the end of the week for stuff! Watch for a post later this week begging for advice on how to shop for a very hungry family only once a week, when what you eat is mostly fresh things with a limited shelf life…

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Quinoa tabbouleh salad with grilled pork kabobs

Tuesday – chicken strips with pear roasted almond and blue cheese salad (sort of following this salad recipe)

Wednesday – spaghetti with garden salad

Thursday – nachos (using multigrain chips, topping them with leftover santa fe chicken and lots of fresh lettuce and tomatoes) and carrots and celery on the side.

Friday – whole wheat farfalle with spinach and mushrooms

Hope you are all doing well, and feeling healthy! We are sort of on the mend from last week…things are still lingering a little with everyone though. Such an awful cold and flu season this year!

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