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Some weeks I feel on top of my game and so well organized, but these last few weeks have been different. This family of mine has suddenly started eating me out of house and home! Our grocery budget has increased, and I feel like all I do is shop for food! I guess it is just part of eating healthy fresh foods, but I shopping twice a week seems a bit much. This is both bad for our budget and bad for my sanity. I make my list, I meal plan for the week, and I shop. A few days later we run out of bananas, or milk, or yogurt, or bread, or berries, or something else. It drives me nuts! Are we simply eating too much? Do I need to buy a wider variety of things so it isn’t always the same things for snacks/breakfasts? Or am I just missing something obvious that everyone else does to get through a week with only one shopping trip…

We have a very large cold storage room in our basement, with lots of shelves, lots of room for extra bottles of juice,boxes of pasta, the few canned goods I buy, and those 20 boxes of tissues I picked up last week on sale at Costco. But I don’t have room in the fridge for lots of milk or yogurt (I’m already buying 24 100ml containers a week!) And fresh fruit only lasts so long…And it doesn’t help either that we all go through phases of eating berry and yogurt bowls and suddenly stopping, or wanting only bananas before nap time and suddenly wanting something else.

Should we buy a mini fridge for extra items? This seems a bit much…

Do I make the kids eat apples instead of berries and bananas (I already buy one yellow bunch and one green bunch to try and make it through the week) at the end of the week because they stay fresh longer? A wider variety of fruit would be good for them…

Or do I just accept the fact that come Friday afternoon I will have to go back to the store for bread, milk, yogurt, and bananas to get us through till my big shop on Monday. Everyone runs out of things each week, right…

Now that I have written this all out, it seems a little silly. And I think I have answered my own questions, but I would still love to hear from you! And I guess it could be worse, my family could be eating nothing but processed junky things all the time.

How do you manage to keep your fridge full of fresh foods for your family all week long?

  1. I go to the store twice a week- one trip is just to restock milk, eggs, fruit and veggies. It's annoying, but I would rather take that extra time to go twice then throw out produce that has gone bad because we didn't have time to eat it. Unfortunately, my experience is that it just costs more to eat healthy, no matter how hard you work to find sales/deals/etc.
  2. I experience the same problem. One week I will buy lots of bread and it will sit there and the next week I will run out in a couple of days. I found that buying organic bananas really helps. They seem to last a lot longer before going brown. When they do go brown I make banana bread. My sister in law has five children under six years old so they go through a lot of things. She freezes bread in large quanities and buys powdered milk. I am not really a fan of the later but I believe you can freeze bags of milk and they are fine.
  3. We always have 3 or 4 fruit options and I can't imagine using 24 yogurts a week! Anyway, my kids go through fruit phases. For 3 or 4 weeks they'll be all about grapes or strawberries then suddenly they won't eat them. We usually have grapes, apples, & bananas and then rotate another type of fruit seasonally such as berries, bananas, etc. At meal or snack times I'll say, "Would you like an apple or grapes?" And let them choose that way. I will tell them no if I feel they've eaten too much of something and offer them something else.
    • the 3yo will eat 2 yogurts and the 15mo will eat one for breakfast every single day, plus my husband and I, we go though closer to 30 a week! I always have bananas and berries in the house, and often apples too, sometimes it is all gone in a couple days, other weeks it sits there not being eaten, the phase thing drives me nuts too!
  4. We have a small deep freezer you could probably find one off kikoi for cheap. Bread can freeze we do this for half of our bread - for toast or grilled cheese when it doesn't matter if it has been frozen. Bags of milk can be frozen but sometimes thaw a little chunky. I'd probably freeze half and use the thawed stuff for baby bottles that you warm up. Any chance you can buy the large yogurt containers rather than the mini? I can always find Astro Balkan style (our preferred) in the flyers for under 3 dollars. We get vanilla and add frozen fruit. Could save you some fridge space for yogurt and fruit! We also buy one container/week of peaches or pears in fruit juice. I'd try introducing new snacks too. What about dried fruit/nuts (if no allergy of course)
    • We have almost bought a small deep freeze several times, the problem with where to put it always comes up! Basement and garage are both so full! My son used to love dried fruit, but now he won't eat any of it, and the 15mo still doesn't have enough teeth, lol! I think a better variety of stuff is in order! We have started making smoothies again in the afternoon for snacks, using frozen fruit!
  5. I am bad when it comes to using out deep freezer. I will fill it up and never use the stuff in it. I keep forgetting what I have put in there. Ours is also small and deep so you can't see everything. Maybe I need to make a magentic list to attach to the top.
    • A list is a great way to keep track of it all! I would much prefer a standup fridge style freezer, but they are much less efficient than the chest style freezers, but so much easier to find things in.
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