Meal Plan Monday – January 21 2013

Meal Plan Monday – January 21 2013

Happy Monday morning to you all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was filled with lots of different emotions, and was such a roller coaster ride. First, my son developed a rash on Friday, that myself and his doctor thought was Hand Foot Mouth Disease. I was worried my daughter would also get it, and that our anniversary trip would be cancelled, but he woke up on Sunday and the rash was gone. Saturday was our 5th wedding anniversary, which we hadn’t planned on celebrating because we were going away for a weekend later. So imagine how grumpy I was with a sick kid, the prospect of cancelling our trip and no plans to acknowledge our anniversary on the actual day. I was miserable, and just tried to stay out of everyone’s way. Thankfully I had an afternoon planned with family to distract me. My little brother is getting married in the fall, so Saturday I went with my mom to check out a dress she had her eye on, and then to the bridal salon where I got my dress 6 years ago, to watch my soon to be sister-in-law try on dresses! What a great day, spent with her and her family, watching her try on wedding dressed for the first time. I was in such a happy mood that my mom and I stopped at her house to pick up my own wedding dress, to bring to my house to put on to show my kids:

5 years and 2 kids later and I still fits!
5 years and 2 kids later and it still fits!

We are still being cautious with my son, just in case it was HFMD and he is still contagious, but hopefully the little one doesn’t catch whatever it is and we get away for the weekend. What a weekend!

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook you might have noticed I made a little announcement regarding a new series I am going to do on the blog. It’s going to be called the Frugal Healthy Dinner Series, and I am going to break down our favourite meals, giving you some of my best recipes and the prices of each item so you can see how it is possible to eat healthy on a tight budget. Take a look through past Meal Plan Mondays (you can find it under the file folder over there on the right) and let me know if there is a recipe you would like to be featured. First up later this week will be my famous Spaghetti!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – spaghetti with a meat and mushroom sauce

Tuesday – pork medallions with roasted balsamic carrots and mushrooms and a side salad

Wednesday – shrimp and green bean stir fry over noodles

Thursday – island pork with roasted sweet potatoes and garden salad

No meals planned for Friday or the weekend as we are off on our little vacation! Each Grandma is taking a turn babysitting our rowdy kids, so I will just make sure the kitchen is stocked for them.

As always, I am linking up with Erin and Org Junkie. Happy meal planning!


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