Hosting a Frugal Superbowl Party

Hosting a Frugal Superbowl Party

Football is big in our house. Throughout the season, Sunday is spent doing two things: attending Mass, and watching football! We also usually end up with family for dinner. It’s perfect, and relaxing, and a great way to spend a Sunday! I am not one of those wives that gets frustrated by my husband watching football every single Sunday, though talking about it all week and being grumpy over a bad game gets old fast. One of the first things I ever learned about my husband, before we even started dating, was that he was a huge football fan. I accepted it from day one, so I can’t really complain about it now…Being that we are a Buffalo Bills household, the Superbowl isn’t that big of a deal for us, sad, but true. But we do still watch most years, and even hosted an awesome party one year that was centered around a deep fryer….that was before we ate healthy 😉

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This year we will probably end up with family for dinner, catch the first part of the game there, come home and put the kids to bed, and catch up on the pvr afterwards. Not that exciting, but I thought I would still share some frugal and healthy party ideas with you. It doesn’t have to be all about the deep fried wings and beer!

Potluck – If you make your party a potluck, not only will it save you time and money as the host, you will get to try a wider variety of dishes (assuming you organize it a little, so not everyone brings a layered dip!)

Healthy options – Yes people will want the usual pizza, wings, and nachos, but all these can be made healthier. Make the pizza, and load it up with veggies. Bake your chicken wings instead of deep frying them. Cover those nachos in beans and veggies, and real cheddar cheese instead of that orange goo. Adding a simple tray of raw chopped up veggies and a little dip is a nice change, and at my parties, it’s always one of the first things to go! Make as much of the food from scratch, instead of just buying the frozen sodium filled apps from the store.

DIY decorations – You don’t have to spend tons of money on football themed decor. A simple green table cloth with some white tape would make a cute football field. Use streamers, napkins, and balloons from the dollar store in team colours. You get way more per package when they are plain colours than when you buy the themed items. If you are feeling crafty, or have crafty kids, cut out some footballs and helmets from construction paper(I use my cookie cutters to trace the shapes) to hang on strings or place around the food table for decoration.

Don’t buy ice– I know it isn’t that expensive to purchase, but it is just frozen water, so why buy it from a store! It’s not often that you throw a party last minute, so start making ice ahead of time, and keep it in bags in the freezer (if it’s just to fill a cooler, use plastic grocery bags, if it is for drinks use a clean resealable freezer bag).

Non-alcoholic beverages – Not everyone drinks, and if people are driving home they shouldn’t be! Have non-alcoholic options to drink, they are cheaper (at least in Canada juice is cheaper than beer) and healthier too. Plus, the game is on a Sunday night, and most people have to work the next day, so not everyone will want to be chugging beers all night. Combine a little fruit juice and carbonated water for a healthier “pop” option.

Ok, all this party planning talk totally has me wanting to host a Superbowl party now. And seeing how easy it is, you can totally start planning now, even with just a few days before the big day!

Do you have plans for the Superbowl?

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  1. Pretty busy sports weekend here - we're ordering the UFC fight card in (definitely not frugal though!) on Saturday night, and the hubs will be watching the Superbowl with some buddies on Sunday. I'm just going to bake chicken wings on Saturday, then toss them in different sauces once the meatatarian crowd arrives. Keeping it simple!
    1. So nice that you are still willing to make them meat ;) Different sauces is a great idea!! I prefer something sweeter like a honey garlic, and the hotter the better for my husband! I never thought to bake them and toss in different sauces afterwards, I usually just bake them right in one sauce.

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