A 40% off Sale VS. Second Hand Deals

A 40% off Sale VS. Second Hand Deals

If you have kids, you know how fast they grow out of things, and you know how expensive the clothing can be. I love when my kids have growth spurts as we enter a new season, because I can go ahead and load up on the new stuff in the new size. I dislike when they grow in the middle of a season. Like right now. Both of them! Thankfully they both grew just in the legs, odd, but I will take it! They both needed new pants, and will need lots of spring/summer stuff too.

Today was the first day of the Old Navy Kids/Baby sale, where everything is 40% off. Seems like a pretty good deal, right? Except that I never buy anything full price at ON. They have such a quick turn around on items! That sweater you fall in love with will be on sale next week, promise, so don’t pay full price! Wait another week and you might get a coupon in your email to use too. Wait another week and it will be in the clearance section! Wait a little longer for the clearance section to be an additional 50% off ;). Never pay full price at Old Navy!

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen some tweets this morning about placing an order. And changing my mind, and then changing my mind again. After selecting 5 items, and my bill hitting $53, I decided that wasn’t a very good deal. I then thought I should hit up Once Upon A Child (a consignment children’s store, big chain, love them, you should shop there too!) first, and see if I still needed to place an order with Old Navy. Here is what I bought:


Navy Baby GAP mary janes: $2.97 (BRAND NEW)

Purple Robeez: $6.37 (BRAND NEW)

3 pairs of Old Navy leggings: $2.97 each (slightly worn)

1 pair brown JOE leggings: $2.12 (BRAND NEW)

Summer short sleeve pjs: $2.12 (slightly worn)

Cheeroke pink leggings/skirt: $2.97

Winnie the Pooh tunic/dress: $2.97 (slightly worn)

Children’s Place brown khakis: $4.67 (slightly worn)

Osh Kosh Jeans: $4.67 (look brand new)

Gymboree shorts: $4.67 (slightly worn)

Total: $44.56 (the best part about this, we saved 15% off the original prices because my mom came with me and every Thursday is Grandparents Day, so she paid, and I paid her back!)

AMAZING! Can you even believe those shoes? Those shoes alone, brand new, would have been more than this total bill was! Sure the shorts and the summer jammies won’t be worn for a while, but I grabbed them anyways because they were good deals. And when I saw things are slightly worn, they look like they have been washed a few times, that’s it. The best thing about buying from a consignment  place is that they are picky about what they take, since they are buying it off you. Most items are in great shape!

And of course, Grandma couldn’t leave without buying the kids a new toy each: a pink dump truck for my daughter and a tracker for my son, both easy to clean before playing with 😉

Well, I’m off to do a load of laundry.

Watch for my next post in the Frugal Healthy Dinner Series tomorrow: Crispy Orange Beef!

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  1. I am so fortune to have friends with older boys. I really just buy some basics and the special things I want him to have. Combined with what grandparents buy the boy is clothed for quite some time! I don't know what I'll do when he finally has an opinion about where his clothes are coming from!
    1. I too am very thankful for generous family that spoil my kids with clothes, both new and second hand! I have huge bins full of girls clothes just waiting for my daughter to grow into from her older cousins. My son has some from his older cousins, but boys seems to wear the clothes out much fast than girls ;)
  2. I too have been blessed with friends who have older boys.. and having two boys myself it is that much better. I have a feeling boys are generally less picky than girls when it comes to having an opinion about the clothes they're wearing!

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