Meal Plan Monday – Feb 11 2013

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 11 2013

Did you get snow? It seems most of us did. Our area was supposed to get 25cm, but we got double that, if not more! It didn’t really thwart any of our plans though. My husband and I still went out to an OHL hockey game on Friday πŸ™‚ we borrowed his mother’s Jeep (she came over to babysit), it’s high off the ground, and with 4WD we had no problems! If getting 3 feet of snow wasn’t crazy enough, today it is above zero and raining! It was mild enough out very early to melt some of the snow and rain a little, and then it started to freeze, so the parking lots were kinda icy. Which is awesome when you are pushing a huge cart full of groceries and two kids!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – homemade lasagna with Caeser salad

Tuesday – slow cooker beef stroganoff and salad

Ash Wednesday (fasting and abstaining from meat) – a light dinner of baked fish and salad

Thursday – vegetable marinara

Friday – shrimp and veggie stirfry

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    1. I don't, lol. My husband is actually the lasagna maker in my house, so this is going to be kinda stressful for me. I think I will follow the classic lasagna recipe in my Joy of Cooking cookbook, since it is very reliable.
  1. We did get some much needed rain around here Saturday night but it's been an extremely mild winter for us with not much snow at all. I don't even like winter but actually kind of wish we'd have at least one nice snowfall (probably not 3 feet though ;) for the kids.

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