31 Day Organizational Challenge – 1st Progress Report

31 Day Organizational Challenge – 1st Progress Report

Sharing pictures of my messy spaces with all of you is a little terrifying, but I’m doing this in hopes of inspiring some of you to finally tackle that messy closet or junk drawer. I want to show you that you can organize a space without spending tons of money. You can make something more functional and better suited to your needs, without loading up on fancy organization products.

Each Monday I link up with Org Junkie and her Menu Plan Monday post, and since her site is about how to be organized, I thought I would join one of her challenges. It’s a simple challenge of tackling one room that needs the most help, there is encouragement along the way, lots of great tips, and prizes! It was hard for me to pick one space, since I have lots of little areas that need organizing, but I finally decided on the master bedroom, as it seem to need the most help. I find it puzzling that so many parts of my house are well organized, and yet so many parts aren’t. It’s as if I catch the organization bug, clear out spaces and clean them up, and then stop after one closet….or maybe life just gets in the way and other things take priority. Well, this month I am making this challenge a priority! So far I am off to a bad start, because, well, life got in the way, but today I am starting!


Here is what I am dealing with. It might not seem that bad, but for me, it’s awful…

masterbedroomcleanup2The top of my dresser is a mess. Workout cards, papers and weights, books, a bag full of things that need to be put away, and that wicker box, I don’t even know what is in there! It was put there to keep all the “stuff” off the top of the dresser (clear surfaces = a clear mind! Or so says organization extraordinaire Peter Walsh), but now it is full and I don’t even know what it is full of, and my dresser is covered in stuff again! Nail polishes and lipsticks I don’t use any more, and should be in the bathroom anyways. Sweaters of my husband’s that I shrunk and I keep meaning to give to my brother. So much stuff that just doesn’t belong!


Our itty bitty walk-in closet is a bit of a disaster. That top shelf might not look that bad, but those are maternity clothes that never got packed away (my youngest is 18 months old) That lamp box overflowing with papers? Everything in there needs to be filed! We even have a file cabinet we got for free, that is sitting in the garage. The top drawer of my bedside table is  practically empty, yet the bottom is stuffed so full it can barely close! That corner of the room also has a baby seat we aren’t using right now, a silver chest with my good silverware in it and a box full of printed pictures and birthday cards that need to be organized. In that last picture, you can see I started to organize everything in the bathroom, as there are bins and baskets in there. But I am not using the space to its full potential, and there is so much stuff in there that isn’t being used because I can’t find it easily.

Since this challenge is all about one room that needs work, I shall focus my attention just on this room this month, even though other parts of the house need help too. In addition to organizing the master bedroom, I have been meaning to hang some pictures on the walls, and maybe a shelf or two, since we have boxes full of pretty little things in the basement that I would like to display. Laura (from Org Junkie) has a great PROCESS to follow when organizing, and I plan to follow this as it seems like a great straightforward way of approaching the mess. I will keep you updated as I go, and let you know what kinds of great bins and shelves I get for very little money! Organizing can be frugal, you just have to get a little creative!

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  1. Identifying the problem areas and getting a plan in place is the first BIG step - good for you! I'm joining this challenge this month as well - looking forward to seeing your progress as we work through our spaces.

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