Meal Plan Monday – March 25th 2013

Meal Plan Monday – March 25th 2013

Well Holy Week is finally here. I kicked it off on Saturday by attending a Catholic women’s conference. It was incredible. Now I get why women attend other conferences. Being in a room with such inspirational women, all kindred spirits, there because you all love Him and want to learn and grow! Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe that day.

On Sunday we attended Mass, as always, but since it was Palm Sunday, the readings were longer than usual. Our kids totally rocked that extra 30 minutes! Proof right there that you can take young children to Mass! They certainly aren’t the only ones there, and with a few small toys and books, they are quite content for that hour.

The rest of this week is going to be busy finishing Lenten readings, maybe some fun Easter crafts with the kids, preparing the house for our Easter brunch, finishing up some DIY gifts for my nieces and nephew, and finishing up my organization project. I most likely won’t have time to get another post out this week, but we will see; I do really want to share my after pictures of my master bedroom!

Monday – fajitas (made with leftovers from the topping for last weeks’ Mexican loaded baked potatoes)

Tuesday – honey sesame slow cooker chicken (the best thing you will ever eat!) with salad

Wednesday – ham and roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, and salad

Thursday – pasta with meat sauce, corn, and salad

Friday – sweet potato and black bean enchiladas

Saturday – hubby cooks!

Easter Sunday Brunch – turkey breakfast sausages (tastes the same, but way less fat!), artisan bread with  strawberry butter, baked omelette with ham and cheese, fresh fruit, and some whole wheat pancakes for the kiddies. I might also make some jam tarts from a Jamie Oliver recipe I have been wanting to try 🙂

As usual I am linking up with Org Junkie. Happy meal planning!


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    1. Usually the maple leaf ones that Walmart sells. Great price, and, they seriously taste just like the pork ones! My family didn't believe me last Easter when I told them they were actually turkey

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