Meal Plan Monday – April 8 2013

Meal Plan Monday – April 8 2013

After a very tiring weekend, of being up with a teething 19 month old, I still forced myself to meal plan last night and make up my shopping list. Why? Because I knew it was possible that she would keep me up all night again, and I would be worse today, making meal planning even harder. Suck it up, get that list made and those dinners planned, and your week will be so much better, I promise!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – Ham with stir fry veggies and garden salad

Tuesday – baked lemon chicken with Nigella Lawson’s sweet potato supper (recipe in her Kitchen cookbook)

Wednesday – meatballs with peppers in a sweet and sour sauce over whole wheat pasta

Thursday – Dijon tarragon chicken and steamed broccoli and salad

Friday – baked lemon fish with rice pilaf and salad


As always, I am linking up with Erin and Org Junkie. Happy Meal Planning!

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