Spring Changes to Recycling and Energy Use

Spring Changes to Recycling and Energy Use

When was the last time you looked into what can and can’t be recycled in your area? When was the last time you looked into time of use rates and peak hours with your local hydro company? Well here is your little reminder to do it!

Last week, my region, updated their list of acceptable plastics that can be placed in our recycling bins for curbside pick up. The best part, is they are now taking berry trays and individual yogurt containers. You all know how much yogurt we go through each week, we also eat a couple of pounds of berries each week too! This is going to cut down on our garbage significantly! Here is a complete list of the new items that can be recycled: recycle

“rigid clear plastics” or “PET clamshell containers,” newly accepted items include:

  • Molded plastic bakery trays and cake domes (including the black base).
  • Clear plastic fruit and vegetable containers and baskets, such as berry trays.
  • Clear plastic egg cartons.
  • Single-serve yogurt, fruit and pudding cups.
  • Clear cold drink cups and lids, such as iced coffee and smoothie containers.
  • Plastic take-out food containers, such as roasted chicken containers (including the black base).

I encourage you all to double check with your local municipality on what is ok to recycle, either with your curbside pick up or what you take to a recycling centre. (source)

Energy_Saver_Lightbulb_-_OnWith spring comes a change with peak hours and time of use rates with hydro companies. For my town, the change date is May 1st (until October 31st). So as of next month I will be doing laundry first thing in the morning, instead of in the middle of the day (or better yet late at night).

And since April is Earth Month (though I wish everyone would be “green” all year round) I will also encourage you to look into local activities in your area that will help you be a little more green. I know our local library is doing a movie and craft night that I might take our son to.

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