A Frugal Easter – 2013

A Frugal Easter – 2013

I know, I know, its mid April now. Easter was a couple of weeks ago, but for some reason I forgot to share with you how I managed a frugal yet indulgent Easter with my family.

Typically, on Easter Sunday, we do an egg hunt and gift opening on our own, first thing in the morning. My family then comes over for Brunch and more gifts, and later in the afternoon we head over to my husband’s family for another egg hunt and more gifts and Easter dinner. When we attend Mass seems to change each year, just as it can each weekend, and it’s based mostly on our children’s nap times. This year we attend the 8am Mass.

As I have explained before, we aren’t buying into the commercialization of these Holy days. It’s just that we are so happy to be so blessed, that we can’t help but share it with our loved ones. The gifts for our kids from their Aunts and Uncles and Grandparents are usually small: a new spring shirt, bubbles, a small stuffed animal or action figure and maybe some chocolate. My husband and I still fill a small basket with treats for each other, because, well, we both love sweets! This year we toned it down, and didn’t go as crazy with giving each other all the things we gave up for Lent. We are trying to eat healthy, so we stuck with just a few each, and just a small gift (he gave me the new Bon Jovi album, I bought him a new shirt) to save money. As for the kids, here are pictures of their baskets (awful quality because it was late at night and kinda dark…)

Under the wrapping paper is a new train set, that we bought on sale. The two new Thomas trains I bought with a store credit with shop.ca. The basket has some chocolates and candies (maybe $5 worth) and a Leap Frog DVD from amazon.ca ($5), a Daniel and the Lion play set, a prayer card, and a Veggie Tales DVD from christianbooks.com. We try to keep a balance of favourite toys and religious ones on Easter.
Under the pink wrapping paper is a Lego Duplo Princess castle I won during a twitter party. In her basket are some chocolates (maybe $5 worth), a Sweet Pea Veggie Tales doll, a prayer card, and some Veggie Tales DVDs all from christianbooks.com

As for their new Easter outfits, my daughter wore a yellow dress and navy sweater that I bought with a gift card I received for attending a blogger event at Sears, and my son wore his usual khakis and a new golf shirt from Target that was $7. If I hadn’t received that gift card, she likely would have worn another dress from her closet (she has every dress I wore as a baby!), or I would have looked for one second hand.

I normally buy some fresh cut flowers to put on my hall table and kitchen table for Brunch, but my neighbour brought over some nice flowers for me on Good Friday, so I didn’t have to pick any up on Saturday morning :). As for what we ate for Brunch, here is the menu:

Turkey Breakfast sausages (two packs of 10 sausages for $8 from Walmart. They taste just like pork breakfast sausages, but are much healthier)

Baked Omelette (such a great way to make eggs for a crowd! I used leftover ham from earlier that week, the eggs were $2.49 for a dozen, but I only used 8)

Artisan bread

Strawberry butter (strawberries were $1.49 a pound)

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (all bought on sale, for $5.47 total)

pancakes (I use the Joy of Cooking recipe)

Jam Tarts (I didn’t have time to make the dough, so I bought pre-made tarts shells for $2.99, and filled them with store bought strawberry jam and lemon curd)

I didn’t include the prices for the bread or the pancakes because the recipes use staples that I buy in bulk, and always have on hand. I like to count them as freebies 😉

We also buy small gifts for our nieces and nephews. You might remember that last year I made them all gifts (purses and super hero capes!) This year for my sisters’ kids, we kept it simple with a stuffed animal and video game and some candies. For our Catholic nieces and nephew, I followed this tutorial and made them each their own name with scriptures for each letter (I only used some of the scriptures she provided, as I wanted them to be very appropriate for each kid, so I spent hours searching online for other ones!). I also made them for my two kids! I bought plain black frames, and coloured in the letters of their names in (hopefully) their favourite colours. I intentionally didn’t take pictures, as I don’t want to share their names, so you will have to just me on how precious they are.

I hope you all had a happy and blessed Easter!

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