Meal Plan Monday – April 15th 2013

Meal Plan Monday – April 15th 2013

What a crazy weekend! If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard something about vomit and no hot water…myself, and my son came down with something. For me it was fever/nausea/achy feeling for a little over 24 hrs. For him, it went a little further, and he was actually sick to his stomach. All seemed ok Saturday afternoon, at least long enough for me to go and grab a quick shower, but two minutes in to that shower I had no hot water! There was an error code on the control box to the hot water tank, and a repair guy couldn’t make it out until Sunday morning….nothing like having a 3.5 year old with a stomach virus and no hot water in the house! Boy did my kettle get a workout this weekend, heating water to wash dishes, hands, kids, and clothing! Thankfully, it seemed to just be a 24hr bug, and we are all fine now, and the hot water tank is back up and running! And because of all this, I am a couple of days behind on my running schedule, kinda feeling like giving up on it now, so we’ll see how the rest of this week goes…In good news, my husband revealed to me on Friday night that the mystery trip he is planning for us for my 30th birthday, is a trip to Boston this summer! Several days in a city I have always wanted to visit, kid free, and hitting up Fenway a couple times? I cannot wait! Now, I to just sit back and let him plan the trip, which will be the hard part!

Back to our normal routine today, lots of cleaning and laundry to get caught up on, and time outside enjoying some sunshine and warmer than normal temps! Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – ham with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted carrots

Tuesday – pizza and salad

Wednesday – fajita ranch chicken wraps

Thursday – chicken parm over whole wheat pasta with garden salad

Friday – veg marinara

As always, I am linking up at Org Junkie. Happy Meal Planning!


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  1. What a crazy weekend! I'm glad you are all feeling better. :) That's so exciting about Boston - I went last summer and loved it! I highly recommend the restaurant Figs on Charles St. for good pizza. And Tory Rowe in Harvard Square was amazing too - I had the most life changing kale salad there! If you need any other recommendations, let me know.
    1. Thanks for the recommendations. People keep telling me great places to go, and I will for sure keep them in mind, but my husband is planning everything. Normally I plan it all, and it stresses me out because I worry over everything. So since he is planning this for my birthday, he doesn't want me to stress over it at all! All I ask is to know what we are doing before so I know what to pack! A lot of his co-workers are in the US, and have been to Boston or are from there, so he is getting loads of recommendations for touristy things and food from them too. Apparently it's an expensive city to stay in, but there are lots of free things to do, so expect a blog post about it all :)

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