My free Maxi Skirt

My free Maxi Skirt

Sometimes, just sometimes, it is easier to make it yourself than to keep wasting time looking for exactly what you want. When you have to drag 2 kids with you from store to store, and into change rooms, getting out the sewing machine seems like the easier task. And when the item you want to buy from a store doesn’t even fit you, making it yourself sometimes is the only option.

I’ve been wanting a maxi skirt for a while now, and thought it would be easy to find a cheap one (preferably for less than $20), since they are so popular again this year. Well, I could find them for a price I was willing to pay, they just didn’t fit. See, I’m barely 5’2″, when I tried on the women’s maxi skirt in Target, in order for it to just touch the floor, I had to pull it up around my armpits! I’m all for a high waisted skirt, but that’s a bit much! I even tried on the one’s in the junior/girls area, but they looked young, if they had them in more neutral colours I could have bought one (and for much less money too!). Hem it you say? Why on earth would I pay $20+ dollars for a skirt and than shorten it? I figured if I was going to do that, I might as well just make one. My Mom even offered to make one for me since she has more free time these days than I do. I knew it would be a simple project, so I looked in my trunk of fabrics, and sure enough I had some awesome purple jersey knit and even some elastic! I figured I would give it a shot on some fabric I already had, before going and buying any, you know, in case I totally mess it up! During the kids nap time on Sunday morning, I whipped one up. My husband was even impressed with how quickly it came together. I had found a few tutorials on Pinterest (see my crafty board here for them), but none of them were quite right for my sewing abilities and my simple sewing machine. So I took some of the ideas from them, and made up my own way of making it.

It was so darn simple, really anyone could make one. I used a cotton jersey knit (pre wash it!) with a 45″ width. I left the width as it was, and only made one cut for the length (no hemming required as jersey knit doesn’t fray!). Measure from your waist to the ground and add a couple of inches for room for the elastic and seam allowance (double the width of your elastic plus 1/2 inch for seam allowance). One straight seam the full length of the fabric is all it takes to make it a long tube (right sides together, and make sure you back stitch at each end!) fold the fabric over at the waist, and another quick straight seam, leaving a 2 inch gap to feed the elastic in. Feed the elastic through the waist band, sew the ends of the elastic together, and sew the hole closed. Turn it right side out and you are done! Since the elastic piece is a little smaller than your waist measurement, and the fabric is nearly double your waist, it will gather nicely and be flowy at the bottom, see:

diy maxi skirt
Not the best picture, but you get the idea

I realize this isn’t the best tutorial. If (when!) I make another one, I will take pictures of the process and write up an actual tutorial. I was rushing to get it finished so I could wear it to Mass, and get it done before any kids woke up, so I didn’t take any pictures during the cutting/sewing! But I promise you, it was easy. And who doesn’t love free? But if you don’t have a fabric stash, don’t worry, fabric is always going on sale, and if you are short like me, you will only need 1 metre! Hopefully I can sneak to the fabric store later this week to make more! Happy sewing!

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