Meal Plan Monday – May 6 2013

Meal Plan Monday – May 6 2013

Another gorgeous day here in Ontario. I know not all parts of Canada are having beautiful spring weather, but we are and we are soaking up every minute of it. Friday my Mom came over to help with some yard work, so I was outside all day, and we spent lots of time outside on Saturday too. All this sunshine makes me so happy, it really is amazing what it can do for your mood!

This week is going to be great! My husband and I are taking a little road trip without the kids, and heading to Ottawa for the March for Life (I don’t often get political or Religious on here, but we are Catholic, so my views on things shouldn’t come as a surprise). On Friday we will be attending a Lyme Disease talk, and Saturday is the big lymeSavers 5k (which I will be walking, because after 2 weeks of sicknesses with me and my kids, running was not a priority. I hate to admit I failed at my goal, but I did…). Our dear friend Kevin and his wife and loads of other people have been working so hard, it is just so exciting that the events are finally here!

And even with all this excitement, meals still need to be planned, so here is what we are eating:

Monday – Chinese style stir fry with oyster sauce and shredded chicken

Tuesday – pulled beef sandwiches (leftovers from last week, AMAZING recipe!) and garlic green beans

Wednesday – bacon and avocado grilled cheese sandwiches and garden salad

Thursday – take out

Friday – tuna casserole, steamed broccoli and garden salad

As always, I am linking up with Erin and Laura, happy meal planning!


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