Charity Tee Makeover – DIY

You all have them, sometimes they come in a one-size-fits-no-one, sometimes they offer sizes but just in men’s, so even the small is giant on me. Those shirts that you get for volunteering for something, maybe it’s from a camp you attended or a sport you played, or in my case, from a charity 5k walk. Our dear friends started up the lymeSavers foundation, I love them to bits, and the event this past weekend was a blast, but the participant shirt did not fit me at all. I didn’t expect it too, as I’m tiny, and most things don’t fit. I wasn’t too worried about it for the day of the event, as it was freezing out, so I had layers on, and the big shirt was tucked in on one side, and it wasn’t a big deal. But I want to wear the shirt all the time! I want to run in it, and wear it to the beach. I want to wear it as advertising for their foundation! But in its original form, I knew that wouldn’t happen. So, like any good friend would do, I got out my fabric scissors, and cut it up:

diy cut workout shirt
From this (not horribly large, but a little on the baggy side for me)
diy cut workout shirt
To this! Much better, and now I will wear it all the time!
diy cut workout shirt
The tied up back. Maybe I need a lime green sports bra to go with it 🙂 (also, sorry to the awesome sponsors who are no longer visible)

I used this tutorial, which seems to be the most popular one on Pinterest. I pinned it months ago, with plans of taking scissors to lots of shirts, but so far this is the only one I have done. It is super easy, and is no sew too, which is perfect for this busy mom who did it on the other side of the baby gate while both kids called for me the entire time…it’s amazing I ever get anything done, really.

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