Road Trippin & Site Seeing – frugal travel fashion tips

Road Trippin & Site Seeing – frugal travel fashion tips

I turn 30 this summer, and to celebrate that big day, my husband is planning a trip to Boston for just the two of us! I’m not huge into travelling, and certainly don’t have a bucket list of places to visit, but if I did, Boston would be top of that list! I have always wanted to stroll the city streets that are so rich in history, eat the delicious seafood, and take in a ball game at Fenway. I was totally blown away when he revealed to me where we would be going! I usually do all the planning in our house (I both love it and loathe it!), so for him to plan everything out (dates, babysitters, hotel, restaurants, activities) was a big deal. Now he doesn’t want me to stress about it, he is taking care of all the little details, and all I have asked is to know when we leave, how long we are gone for, and what kind of outfits I will need to pack.

So since clothing is the only thing I have control over, I am spending every free minute I have thinking about the fun outfits I will want to wear while in Beantown! (If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed lots of pinning happening!) I thought I would share some tips on how to keep things frugal when planning outfits for a trip. I think when most people go on vacation, they like to buy new pieces to take with them, and I am of course one of those people. But since our budget doesn’t permit me going out and buying 4 days worth of super cute outfits, here is how I am getting by:

Rethink what you already own – Do you always wear your denim jacket with your cargos; try it with a printed summer

dressing up denim
I usually wear my red skinny jeans with flats, but they would be cute dressed up for dinner with heels! (image source)

dress instead. Do you only ever wear baseball caps to keep the sun out of your eyes; try a fedora as a sunny day accessory! Mix up your usual/favourite pieces with ones you don’t often wear. I know I tend to dress trendier and a little

more daring when on trips, than I do when I am chasing the kids around.

Pull out those special pieces you don’t often wear – I have a couple tops that I love, but aren’t the most child friendly, so I save them for date nights (which are rare!) or trips away. Same goes for heels; planning outfits around my white pumps is fun. And something as simple as getting to wear my hot pink converse high tops, which take too much time to put on while wrangling the littles out the door, is exciting too.

Borrow – Maybe you need the perfect necklace or scarf to finish off an outfit, so why not borrow it from a friend instead of buying it, especially if you know you won’t wear it again. Or better yet, if you have friends that wear the same size as you, borrow a dress or top or jacket!

orange GAP dress
My hubby bought me this super cute dress, which can easily be dress up or dressed down depending on the accessories! (image source)

Ask for clothing as gifts – This might be my favourite tip! Because I don’t buy that much clothing for myself, any occasion where I will receive a gift, I ask for clothes. I’m lucky to have a husband who picks out the best clothes for me, and even my extended family (on both sides) pick out great pieces for me too. My husband even bought me two fantastic dresses for Mother’s Day that will be perfect for our trip!

If you have to buy – Watch for sales and coupon codes! I never pay full price for clothing (last week I found a shirt on clearance at Old Navy for $2.49, and it was an additional 30% off! I just placed an order online and grabbed another summer dress for $12, a tee for $3 and a dressy tank for $7 and got an additional %15 off), stores have such quick turnarounds on clothing that if you just wait, that item you really would like, will go on sale. Also look in second hand stores, I have found lots of cute dress and skirts, shorts, and belts too! Just make sure you check over the item for stains, rips, that zippers work, and it doesn’t look too worn.

We will have such a variety of activities, from casual ball games and city strolling, to nice dinners and attending Mass, that packing multifunctional pieces will also be key, otherwise I might need two suitcases just for the 4 days! But thankfully we are driving, so I don’t have to worry too much about being a frugal packer.

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