Sick of Being Sick

I’ve had enough of this! Every month since last November, someone in this house has been sick, and with two littles touching their mouths/faces and touching everything in the house, it gets passed around. I thought the head colds were behind us since it is May, but then on the weekend I woke up feeling like garbage with hardly any voice and a very sore throat! I am progressing quickly through this one, which is good, and thankfully it is just a basic head cold, and I don’t require antibiotics for it. But I am still done with all this! We eat healthy, we exercise regularly, and I have even started taking vitamins! How am I sick again?! I did notice a pattern with when my head cold arrives though, since I chart my fertility (Natural Family Planning for us Catholics!), and found that it arrives when I ovulate. I told my husband this, and he laughed saying my body must be punishing me for not being pregnant! I took to the internets, and sure enough, your body naturally lowers your immune system while ovulating so as to not kill any sperm, which leaves you open to getting sick. I guess my body is desperate to get pregnant and really lowering my immunity, because I have had a cold at some point for the past 6 months!

Regardless of this fact, I know that I can eat healthier and take better care of myself. As a busy mom, I often put myself smoothielast, my kids will always come first, but what good is it if I don’t take care of myself and am always sick! I make sure everyone else eats fruits and veggies as snacks, but I don’t always. Our dinners are super healthy and well balanced, but what (if anything) I grab for lunch is often leftovers of the kids’ or all carbs. I know I need more protein and more fruits/veggies in my diet; things need to be more balanced and more consistent for me. We consume a lot of smoothies in this house; they are quick, healthy, and the kids love em. I make one giant one, and we all share it, but it is usually just frozen fruit, a little juice and a banana or yogurt. These are great, and healthy, but they need to be amped up a little! I planted lots of spinach in the garden, with plans of freezing it for smoothies, but why am I waiting till it grows to do this?!

I’ve read that spinach can be blended with a little water, and frozen in ice cube trays, ready to be added to smoothies. We always have mixed berries and strawberries in the freezer for smoothies, and I buy at least 3 bunches of bananas a week, so we are well stocked that way. But what else can I add to my smoothies? Kick up the protein with a little peanut butter? Add even more blueberries for additional antioxidants? Should I jump on the kale band wagon?

Check out my food board on Pinterest for all the smoothie recipes I’m going to try. Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe or ingredient to keep you healthy?

  1. From following you on Twitter I have noticed that it seems like someone at your house is always fun! I've never heard about the ovulation/immunity link before. Very interesting! Everyone is and your kids certainly each much healthier than me and mine, and (knock on wood) we've been fairly safe from illness this year. Hope everyone gets healthy for summer...if it ever comes!

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