Meal Plan Monday – May 27 2013

Meal Plan Monday – May 27 2013

ACK! It’s almost June! This summer is flying by and it hasn’t even really started! My little brother is getting married this fall, so we have lots of events coming up for that this summer, starting with a shower I am hosting in a couple of weeks. It seems every weekend between now and Christmas is booked up already, which is just insane! August through December is super busy for my family with all the birthdays, add a wedding to that and it’s pure chaos, fun and exciting, but crazy busy none the less. This week is the real start of it all for me, with extra shopping trips for bridal shower stuff, plus usual things like haircuts and doctors appointments. I am even considering signing up for a fitness class at the community centre, which seems crazy as I am busy enough, but it might just be the break that I need from all the planning. I can’t forget that this month also has Father’s Day and my Dad’s birthday too. And I haven’t even gotten around to planting flowers in my front gardens yet! I think I need to buy a day planner of some sort to help keep everything straight…

One thing I do have under control, is our dinner menu for the week, here is what we are eating:

Monday – bunless mini burgers with brown rice pilaf and grilled asparagus

Tuesday – ham and sweet potato fries and salad

Wednesday – my famous spaghetti (we seem to be eating this every week, I’d love it everyday since it’s the only meal that both kids sit and eat it quietly!)

Thursday – ham and peas in a cheese sauce over wholewheat pasta

Friday – grilled salmon with grilled asparagus and peppers and salad

As always, I am linking up with Laura over at Org Junkie. Happy Menu Planning!MPM

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