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Bloggers often post what a typical day looks like for them. This fascinates me, as I love seeing how other people schedule their day, how it differs from mine, or is similar. It’s a great way to find extra time that maybe you aren’t utilizing, or how changing things up a little might make all the difference. I thought I had written something like this in the past, but I can’t find it, and even if I have, things are different now with an almost 4 year old and an almost 2 year old!

Here’s roughly what a typical day looks like:

6:00am – Kids wake, we head down for breakfast. Most days my son wakes first and goes down with just Daddy, while us lazy girls wake in another 15 minutes.

6:30am – Kids play after breakfast while I clean the kitchen/empty dishwasher/make my husbands lunch and put laundry on, and drink my now cold coffee.

7:30am – TV time (Thomas comes on!) I eat breakfast while they hopefully sit quietly.

8:00am – Everyone gets dressed and we head out for errands (I prefer to go out in the mornings to the grocery store or walmart since they aren’t as busy). If we have no errands, we stay in jammies and play till nap time

9:30 – Snack time and a little TV quiet time before naps – I change over any laundry that was put in earlier, and tidy up the toys.

10:00am – Nap time; both kids still nap (YAY!), usually till around 11:30, some days till 1pm! This is when I get most stuff done: workout, water the vegetable garden/flowers beds, blog, mop floors, clean bathrooms, fold laundry etc. Not all of this happens during every nap time, and some days I just sit and drink tea and watch TV.

12:00pm – Lunch time. Most days both kids are awake by now and so we have lunch.

12:30pm – Kids play some more while I clean up from lunch.

1:00pm – Out the door. Most days we have other errands to do that can’t get done at 8am (library, Costco, Dr’s apt etc), or we are simply out the door to play in the backyard or hit the park for the afternoon.

3:00pm – Snack time. Most days we are at home from the park or errands for this, some days it’s just a quick break in the backyard while playing.

3:30pm – Playtime. Usually at this point we will switch out a toy and bring something different into the room, or even build a fort to play in. Some days we will colour or play hide and seek. I try to focus my full attention on the kids and play with them, but this doesn’t always happen, because some days there is other stuff that has to get done.

4:30pm – Quiet separate time. Usually by this point in the day the kids need a break from each other. My son will play with his trains in his room, and my daughter will lay on the couch while watching Dora. This is the time where I will finish up any cleaning/tidying that didn’t get finished in the morning.

5:30pm – Kids play while I start dinner

6:15pm – We sit down as a family for dinner

6:45pm – My husband plays with the kids and keeps them out of my way while I clean up from dinner.

7:00pm – If it’s a bath night, that happens now, otherwise we all play as a family.

7:30pm – Bedtime for my daughter. I do her bedtime routine while the my son gets some time with just Daddy. I usually put more laundry away and tidy up the rest of the house at this point.

8:15pm – Bedtime for my son. My husband does his bedtime routine, while I finish anything up from the day, and get ready to sit on my butt and relax.

9:00pm – My husband usually works out at this point, and then we will sit and watch TV or a movie together until bed.

10:00pm – Bedtime, and fingers crossed that the kids sleep all night.

Now not everyday looks like this, but this is what my goal is each morning. My kids are still little, and often throw curve balls, like not sleeping through the night, or refusing to eat lunch. When this happens, we just stay home. Taking grumpy kids to a store or the park is no fun for anyone. Some days I have more housework than others, which means a little more time with the TV for the kids, when this happens we’ll put on a movie, and hopefully they will pick Veggie Tales or Leap Frog over Rescue Bots, so it’s at least a little educational.

Writing out our day like this makes it look like there is so much wasted time, but I make the most of every free minute, so this is a very simplified version of our day. And on those days that I don’t sit and play with the kids in the afternoon, it’s not like I am ignoring them all day. I often stop what I am doing to play a quick game of hide and seek, or chase them around. If I’m cleaning the kitchen and they ask to put some music on to dance or sit and have a picnic, I stop and play for a little bit. But of course, there are those days that I put housework first because I can’t stand having a dirty house, and I know I will not be giving them my full attention when all I can think about is that laundry that needs to get folded. And on the flip side of that, I don’t have a smart phone, so any time out of the house or in the backyard, the kids get my full attention and we talk and play and make games out of finding the right aisles in the stores. Ok, now I feel like I am justifying our day, lol, it works for us, and that’s what matters in the end.

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  1. I don't think that your schedule includes a lot of wasted times... I think it is good to have a lot of "cushion" in our routines, especially with little ones. Thanks for sharing!

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