Bridal Showers – where to be frugal, and where to splurge

Bridal Showers – where to be frugal, and where to splurge

Bridal showers can be big and elaborate, or they can be simple and still fun. The point of them is to “shower” the bride to be with love and gifts, so we keep them simple. My family tends to host them in a home, usually doing 2 in total (one for my mom’s side of the family, and another for my dad’s side of the family, which my Aunt hosts). We play silly games, giving out small prizes to the winners, eat great food, and watch the bride to be open lots of gifts. It’s a perfect excuse to wear a cute dress, and spend time with close family and friends on a Sunday afternoon.

Here is a little break down of what I did, how I kept the costs down, and where I splurged.

My entry way table, with a purple table cloth, tied up with orange ribbon (their wedding colours), fresh flowers, a lei for the bride to be, and the thank you boxes of chocolates.

Decorations: The dollar store is your best friend for this! I hit up a couple different chains, as well as sale items at party supply stores. I kept things fairly simple, with a couple of tables cloths, some streamers, a few paper wedding bells, and some fresh flowers. I spent $23 on decorations in total.

Games/prizes: Again, stick with the dollar store and sale sections for these items. We played two games: a purse scavenger hunt and a guess the kitchen item game. The first was who could find an item the fasted would win a plastic ring, and whoever had the most rings won a prize. The second game, I wrapped up some of my own kitchen gadgets, and they got passed around as people wrote down on index cards what they thought the items were. Both games ended up having 2 winners (which I planned for). The only expense for the games was buying a box of pens ($1.79) and the plastic rings (18 for $2.99). The prizes, I picked up little things from Winners clearance sections: an insulated drink cup, a lotion gift set, little piggy pot holders, and a super cute kitchen timer. I also picked up 4 little gift bags to put the prizes in. I spent just under $25 on the games in total.

Home made cupcakes, complete with DIY pipe cleaner toppers (hearts, and the initials of the bride and groom). They turned out way better than I thought they would, since I haven’t master a piping bag just yet.

Food: Just like in your weekly food planning, food is where you can really make or break the budget. It all depends on your tastes, you skills, and your willingness to do it yourself. Sure I could have just bought everything pre made, and ready to go, but where is the fun in that? I cut up veggies and made dip, as well as fresh fruit (both super easy, and super healthy options!). I baked two loaves of 5 minute artisan bread (basically free, because the ingredients are staples), and I cut up some old cheddar (which we always have on hand). I did buy a box of the frozen mixed puff pasty appetizers (I tried the Archer Farms ones from Target, and they were delicious!), my mom helped out by bringing a pasta salad and a meat tray, and the mother of the bride brought a pizza. I served non-alcoholic punch, as well as a white wine sangria. I made white cupcakes with white icing and purple sprinkles, and I made super cute toppers out of pipe cleaners (inserted into the cupcakes in clear straws, so the fuzzy parts don’t get in the cake). I also made up little boxes as thank yous, and they were filled with chocolate dipped pretzels (which I made) and chocolates kisses. I spent just under $70 dollars on the food.

Even though I didn’t spend a lot on the food, things could easily get much more expensive. We only had about 15 or so people at the party; more people means more food, which means a higher bill. I also kept the food fairly simple, but if you get fancy with wines and cheeses, and other appetizers, it will cost more. Try to think of the crowd you are hosting, what they will enjoy, and what they might be expecting, and that can help you gauge just what kind of food you should have.

Total cost: less than $120!

It was a great afternoon, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. And the best part was, my brother and his future wife have a nice pile of awesome things for their home.

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