So you want to be a writer…

So you want to be a writer…

All my life I have been a writer. I love to write, I always have, which is why I blog. From short stories and poems in my much younger years, to school projects and essays in high school, and eventually to lengthy essays in University, I have always loved putting words together and creating. So much so that in high school my main focus was on English courses and yearbook, and getting in to journalism school (which I did, two programs at two different Universities!) But those programs were cut throat, and such a small percentage of students were given the opportunity to continue into the next year of the program. I knew I couldn’t handle that kind of disappointment if I didn’t make it, and didn’t want to waste a year of my life, so I never went. I did an Environmental Studies program instead, which hasn’t given me much in return.


A recent chat on twitter about the difference between a “writer” and a “blogger” has had me thinking, and dreaming, and wondering. I’m more than just a blogger (no offence to those who consider themselves bloggers), I am a writer, and I want to write. All the time. And get paid for it, and not in the have ads on my blog kind of way. I want to be a full fledged writer, I always have, and I think it is something I can actually do, and maybe even from home while still focusing on being a mom most of the time. Being able to contribute to my family financially again would be amazing, and doing that through writing would be a complete dream come true.

So now what? That same friend (can I call you a friend Sarah, even though we haven’t met, lol) that I chatted with on twitter has encouraged me to write more and to even pitch newspapers (she has had some recent success, and is willing to share how she has done it!). Is it really that simple? I took a book our from the library on becoming a freelance writer, and of course I have googled it. What better way to become a writer, than to read about it, right? Do I need to find a niche like in blogging, or is it more of just current events stuff vs. opinion or “expert” type stuff, I know I need to work on my writing too (don’t take this blog as all I am capable of), and I suppose I need to do up a resume…But I feel like my time is precious, and I don’t want to waste it. What if I spend all this time getting ready, and I make pitches, and then nothing…am I ready to put myself out there, to be that vulnerable? Am I ready to possibly disappoint myself, which is why I ran away from writing professionally in the first place.

But I guess that’s why blogging is so easy, because you write what you want, and it really doesn’t matter what others think, and maybe no one is even out there reading it. I guess that’s why I have been ok with being just a blogger until now…

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  1. I'm so proud of you! You should do it- it's hard (really it is) and sometimes it's pure luck, but I'm here to help! You should call me your friend- I talk to you as much as I do my 'real life' friends:)

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