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This garden, it’s for the birds…and bunnies

Frustration does not even to begin to describe how I feel. Disappointment? Sad? Angry? All of the above!

We live in the suburbs, in a newly constructed little pocket, surrounded by streets lines with 20 and 30 year old houses and trees. So why do all these creatures want my backyard?! My backyard with 2 year old tiny trees, and no deck to live under. It appears age doesn’t matter, and the bunnies and birds love our backyard the most. I wouldn’t mind, I do like seeing and hearing the birds, and the kids love watching the baby bunny hop around in the morning, but can’t they leave the vegetable garden alone?! It was bad enough when a larger bunny ate all my flowers in my front garden, but touch my vegetable garden, which is meant to feed ME, and I’m not happy!

It appears I am going to have to hit up the dollar store for some garden fencing, and maybe a fake owl or scarecrow….will this even keep them away?

The bunny keeps eating nibbling the spinach, and has completely eaten my green bean plants! The robins, being chased from their original nest by some crazy swallows, have taken to hiding in my turnip greens, and thus pooping on everything. Is it even safe to eat the veggies now? Thankfully, there is no nest hiding under there, and I haven’t seen the robins in a day or so maybe they are gone for good now. Here are some pictures, it’s such a hot mess and needs to be weeded…

Weeds, nibbles in everything, and bird poop everywhere 🙁
What’s left of the green beans. Will they still grow, or should I pull them and plant again…
The turnip greens might be a mess, but the turnips are safe under ground…I hope. (and yes, I’m use a plastic putter to hold the leaves back, and chase the bunny out that was hiding in there!)

Any advice? Will a little fence keep the bunny out? Blood meal around the edges doesn’t work, any other natural remedies?

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