Meal Plan Monday – June 24 2013

Meal Plan Monday – June 24 2013

Can things slow down a little? This past weekend was super busy, with trying to get things done around the house, and celebrating two birthdays, we barely sat still! And today is the 24th, which means next week is July! This summer has technically just started, but is flying by already!

Having you been enjoying summer temps where you are? Here in Ontario it is hot and humid and likely going to storm. I know out west it is cooler than normal, and let’s not forget about those flooded in Alberta! It has been a crazy weather year, and it seems to be continuing along that unpredictable path for the summer.

Maybe if you aren’t enjoying summer temps, you can fake it with some summery meals? BBQ, mix up an ice cold cocktail, or two. And since next Monday is Canada Day, I won’t be posting, so Happy Canada Day everyone!

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – pizza and salad

Tuesday – grilled pork loin and grilled zucchini

Wednesday – my famous spaghetti (Yup, we have this every week! Quick to make, and everyone loves it)

Thursday – pork kabobs and corn on the cob

Friday – fish tacos

As always, I am linking up with Laura at Org Junkie. Happy Menu Planning!


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  1. I can't believe it's almost Canada day already either! Please send some of the hot weather out here to southeast BC, and in particular Alberta :) It will help dry everything out (we still have the furnace on, but it's a bit too warm to crank up the woodstove which I prefer to the furnace... tricky!). Happy Canada day to you and your friends and family!

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