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A Quick Veggie Garden Update

Well, it has been an interesting week with the veggie garden! I seem to have turned the bunny off with my little plastic dollar store fence (best $14 I ever spent!). He was hanging out last night while we had dinner, and just kept hoping around the back of the yard, ignoring the garden! Success!

The polar spinach just starting to bolt
The viking spinach bolted like crazy, it was nearly 2 feet tall!

My spinach also bolted, which means it grew super fast due to the heat, and started flowering/seeding. So it had to be pulled. At first I thought it was only the viking spinach I had planted, but once I got out there, I realised the polar spinach had also started to bolt. I’m a little disappointed, as we didn’t even get to enjoy that much of it. But apparently this is a common problem with spinach, and with our hot and humid weather this past week, it’s not surprising it happened. I’ll try planting more near the end of the summer, for a nice fall harvest.

In its place, I planted more carrot seeds, since they are doing very well right now. I also planted more green beans. The bunny made a nice snack of my previous sprouts, but those seem to be growing again, and producing new leaves. I have no idea if they will produce beans, so just to be safe, I planted more.

New growth on the bean plants that the bunny ate. I’m so curious to see if they will produce beans.

We have also had a nice steady supply of lettuce, and enjoying it on sandwiches and in small salads.

After a weekend of rain the turnips and green onions are even bigger! I might be able to harvest some of those in the next couple days. All you smell as you approach the garden, are the turnips!

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