The Best of Boston – Day 1 & 2

The Best of Boston – Day 1 & 2

My husband and I both love to research things, whether it is for a big purchase, or a trip, we want to make sure we are getting the most for our money and making the right decisions. When planning our trip to Boston, my husband did loads of research, checking out all the blogs and travel articles about the city, review sites for recommended restaurants, and even asking friends and co-workers who have been there. He made up an itinerary, and worked out the 4 days we’d be spending there perfectly! I was very impressed, as normally I do all trip planning for us. He even borrowed a GPS for the drive, so I could relax and not worry about being the navigator!

We were there for 4 very jam packed days, and did so much, I’ll try not to ramble on too much, but there is just so much to talk about too. Feel free to ask me questions if you want more info on anything I mention below, and be prepared for lots of pictures!

Day 1 – The first day was mostly driving, and with hold ups at the border and construction it took 10 hours to get there! We packed snacks for the drive, to save a bit of money and time making less stops. We rushed to check in at our hotel, and change clothes, and head to Fenway for our first Jays vs. Red Sox game! We stayed at The Newbury Guest House for two nights. It is such a gorgeous hotel, and the perfect location! They offer a free hot breakfast (eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, fresh fruit, yogurt, juice and coffee), and cheap parking too. If you have ever stayed in Boston, you know how expensive the hotels and parking are, and this one is a total steal compared to all the rest.

Newbury Guest House, Boston
The Newbury Guest House – great price great location!

Is it even possible to go to Boston and not visit Fenway, if not for a ball game, maybe take a tour. This was the main reason for the trip. My hubby and I are both big baseball fans, and the trip was planned for when the Toronto Blue Jays were in town. Even though we missed the first inning, it was a great game, and a win for Toronto!


After the game, we headed to the Boston Burger Company for dinner. Their burgers have been on a bunch of food shows, so my husband really wanted to try them. I wasn’t very hungry so I just ordered their nachos fries (pretty good) and my husband ordered the Killer Bee burger (he thought it was good, but our fav local burger place at home is better). After that we headed back to the hotel to change, and then went for an evening walk around the Public Gardens, and to check out where the opening of Cheers was filmed (we just walked by it, as the inside looks nothing like the show).

Day 2 – First stop Sunday morning was Mass at St Cecilia Parish. One of our favourite things to do in a new city is check out a local Parish. This one was recommended to us, and was much closer to the hotel than the Cathedral was. It was beautiful inside, and we felt very welcomed. After Mass, we headed to the Prudential Center to check out the stores and have lunch at Legal Seafoods. The restaurant was a little disappointing, could have been because it was a touristy location, but I’ve had better seafood. We heard their clam chowder is sort of the benchmark chowder, so we wanted to try it since we were later going to try an award winning chowder. Not comparing it to any other bowls, it was pretty good, compared to what we had for dinner, it was awful, lol! After lunch, we swung by Trader Joe’s (I had never been to one, and was curious) to pick up some fruit to keep in our hotel room, then we were off to the second baseball game. This game we were in the shade (thankfully as it was very hot and humid), it was a very exciting game, but the Jays lost. Oh well, atleast they didn’t get swept.

Game 2 at Fenway, in the shade 🙂

After the game, we headed off to start the Freedom Trail. We planned to only do part of it, as we wanted to stop for dinner and dessert too. We had dinner at Ned Divine’s Irish Pub in Faneuil Hall, home of their award winning and Hall of Fame chowder. The chowder was incredible, possibly the best thing I have ever eaten! Which made the rest of the food kinda suck. My husband had the corned beef and cabbage egg rolls, which he liked, and I had the Irish ham and cheese sandwich, which was good, but very dry. The service was awful, they claimed they were short staffed, but it kinda put a damper on the evening. After dinner, we continued walking the trail, and stopped for pastry’s at Mike’s Pastry. These were very good, and the experience of buying it was awesome. Even if you see a long line down the street, it moves fast, so make sure you stop. We had some funny British ladies in line behind us who kept asking “Are we really queuing for pastry?!”.

Boston Freedom Trail
It’s physically marked the entire way with red bricks or red paint, so cool!
Mike's Patry

I think that’s enough for now, I’ll split this into two posts, as this one is already epic on it’s own….


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