The Best of Boston – Day 3 & 4

Day 3 – This day was actually Monday July 1st, which is Canada Day. And what better way to start the day, than by hitting up a brewery tour at 10am! After another great (and free) breakfast at the hotel, we took the T (their subway system) to the Samual Adams brewery. Never having been on the T, we weren’t sure exactly what to do, but figured it would be pretty user friendly. There was a lady there, she showed us exactly what to do, walking us through the entire process, and gave us directions to the brewery once we got to our stop. Something like that would never happen in Toronto if you were new to the TTC Subway. The people of Boston are so nice!

This tour was awesome, and it is FREE. They suggest a small donation, that goes to local charities, but otherwise it is free, with lots of beer, and you get to keep the 7oz Sam Adams tasting glass. We managed to get there in time for the first tour of the day, and it was packed, like 50 people packed. Did I mention it was only 10am 🙂

Sam Adams brewery tour
This is maybe half the group, at 10am!
Sam Adams
Cheers Canada! Happy Canada Day!

After the tour, it was back to the hotel to checkout. This wasn’t the end of the trip by any means, just a hotel change. We packed everything into the car, and drove across the Charles River to park down at the end of the Freedom Trail. We walked more of the trail, and stopped for lunch at Regina Pizzeria. It was built in 1926, and is now a local chain. We ordered a large pizza with 3lbs of toppings, The Giambotta. I ate two pieces, and my husband ate the rest. Did I mention we still had lots of walking around to do, and that it was 45 degrees and humid out. I’m surprised he didn’t throw up. The pizza was awesome, if you can’t make it to their original location (which is pretty cool inside), check out a location in a food court. While waiting in line for a table, we chatted with a couple behind us, who travel around trying different famous local dishes. My husband and the guy chatted pretty seriously over which famous Philly cheese steak they prefer and why, the classic debate of Pat’s vs. Geno’s. It was awesome.

After lunch, we slowly walked the rest of the Freedom Trail, with the major final stops of Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution. Bunker Hill has a very toll monument that you can climb; it’s nearly 300 steps to the top. After 3 days of walking, my legs were done, plus the heat made it hard to breathe. I made it to about 100 steps and had to turn back, my husband made the climb, even with a belly full of pizza!

Bunker Hill Boston
The Bunker Hill Monument
View of Boston from the top
USS Constituion
The USS Constitution

Obviously there were many more stops on the trail, and we did stop at them, there is just too much to share it all here. Check out the website for all the stops and the historical significance of it all. It’s a great tour of Boston, so many amazing and historically significant buildings, and good exercise too!

After we finished checking out the USS Constitution museum (and gift shop, picked up a super cool spy glass for our son!), we headed to our last hotel. We decided to stay outside the city for our last night, #1 to say money, and #2 to get a head start on the drive home first thing in the morning. We ended up booking at the last minute, and got a great deal on the Double Tree by Hilton in Westborough Mass.  Being out in the suburbs allowed us to hit up a Costco and a Target! We didn’t have any real plans of shopping, other than picking up things for the kids, mostly I just wanted to compare prices. I did grab some London Fog jackets for the kids for only $16.99 each at Costco. All the other stores were a bust. We had dinner at Harry’s Restaurant, which is a local favourite. They are famous for their fried clams and ice cream, and it did not disappoint.

Day 4 – Goodbye Boston, thanks for having us. Today was just a day of driving home, wanting it to be a quick trip back to our kids. After a quick McDonald’s breakfast, and some much needed Starbucks, we were off. The only stops we made on the way home were for a bathroom/food/gas break, and the duty free at the border. We had checked alcohol prices at a few places in Massachusetts, but couldn’t find anything we liked on sale, so we figured we would just hit the duty free on the way home. Success! 40oz of Golden Wedding Canadian whiskey for $10! I wish we could have bought more, because that is a steal!

Boston was amazing, and I would love to go back one day. Maybe in the fall, as I bet it’s gorgeous when all the trees change colour. We didn’t get to do the aquarium or art galleries or bigger museums, which I love to visit, so there is still lots to be done. We aren’t big travellers, but I have been to San Francisco and San Diego, as well as most states along the East Coast going all the way to Florida, and I think Boston is now my favourite US city (my husband still sticks with Philly as his fav).

I hope you enjoyed the pictures, would love to hear if you have been and what you did that we missed.

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