What a week…

What a week…

To sum up these past few days:

Outside my window: the sun is shining, the gardens need to be watered and the weeds are growing out of control.

I am thinking: I need more coffee, or more sleep, and for my kids to feel better.

I am thankful: for a helpful husband and that my children are sick with minor head colds and a UTI, not something more serious.

In the kitchen: I am going to try my hand at making Greek yogurt this week, assuming my kids are feeling better, and I don’t catch their cold.

I am going: to Mass alone today, the hubby and I are taking turns with the sick kids at home. I love attending Mass as a family, but I do also really enjoy going on my own and sitting and really listening, instead of partially listening while distracting the little ones with puzzles and prayer books.

I am reading: The Heart of Motherhood by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle

I am learning: To be more patient and more filled with grace during these sleepless days of motherhood. I am also learning just how stubborn my daughter can be when trying to give her medicine.

One of my favourite things: is sleep, and I haven’t had much in the past 5 days due to two sick kids.

A few plans for the rest of the week: assuming my kids are healthy, I want to try making Greek yogurt, and get this house cleaned since it has been a little neglected this week.

Happy Sunday everyone

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