Meal Plan Monday – July 15 2013

Meal Plan Monday – July 15 2013

What a difference a little sleep can make. It sure wasn’t a perfect night, but I think I managed 6 hours of sleep, which is probably the total amount of sleep from the previous 5 days combined! All before taking my first sip of coffee, I had put laundry on, fed the kids, cleaned the kitchen, and made my husbands lunch. Sleep is my favourite 🙂

I did a little grocery shopping on the weekend, knowing that I wouldn’t want to drag two sick kids out to the store today…but I only grabbed food for a few days, so really, I only have meals planned for two nights, and the rest will come later. I still really want to try making Greek yogurt, as well as trying to make my favourite bread in the slow cooker. The temps this week are going to be brutal (40 degrees with the humidity, yuck!) which means I won’t be turning the oven on at all. Here is our very short meal plan:

Monday – cheese tortellini with tomato sauce and garden salad (lots of lettuce growing in the garden!)

Tuesday – grilled turkey sausages with grilled red peppers

Wednesday – chicken strips with garden salad and mashed turnip (fresh from the garden!)

As always I am linking up with Laura over at Org Junkie. Happy Menu Planning!


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