Frugal Tip Tuesday – Baby Oil

Frugal Tip Tuesday – Baby Oil

Wow, I sure haven’t done a Frugal Tip Tuesday in a while! This one is a great one though, especially now that it is summer and you want to show off those legs in some cute shorts or a skirt.

shave your legs with baby oil

Shave your legs with baby oil!

I have very sensitive skin, and they do not like being shaved. I do occasionally wax the, which irritates them, but that goes away and the smooth skin stays around longer, whereas with shave gel, I almost always have razor burn in a few spots. The brand of shave gel doesn’t make a difference, same as the razor, and even a brand new very sharp razor still irritates my skin. I’ve seen it on Pinterest over and over, ladies swearing by baby oil, so I finally tired it. I didn’t even have to buy any, since I had a huge bottle in the cupboard from when my kids were babies and had bad scalps. I’ve used it in the bath, and in the shower (watch out, it can make things a little slippery), and have had amazing results! Silky smooth legs and no razor burn. But the best part is, it’s super cheap! A huge bottle is only a few dollars (it’s often on sale, or feel free to buy a generic brand) and the bottle lasts a really long time, because a little goes a long way!

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