Say Yes

Say Yes

I know a favourite word in our house is no, either I’m saying no to them, or they are saying it back at me. Sometimes it’s nice to say yes, and honestly, it usually surprises them to hear it!

This week I have said yes to lots of little things. As you know, we have all been sick (again!), and of course we are on a budget, but saying yes doesn’t have to mean buying a super expensive toy or going to an expensive amusement park, it’s the little things that mean the most.

Lately I’ve been saying yes to:

– A Minnie Mouse microphone. It was only $6.99, and she was about to start a round of antibiotics, so the least I could do to cheer my sick girlie up was buy her a toy she plays with every.single.time we visit a toy section of a store.

– Another carton of ice cream! Even though we still had some at home, plus other freezes and popsicles in the freezer.

– Colouring! Might seem like a little thing, but we don’t colour all the time, I try to save it to keep them busy during Mass, plus they love to fight over the crayons, and throw/break/peel them, all resulting in melt downs. They coloured lots, and only had few melt downs 🙂

– Running in the house! Normally this makes me crazy, because the running is accompanied by screaming and yelling and pushing and falling. It’s total chaos, and I don’t like it, but sometimes it needs to happen, especially when it’s too hot to run around outside.

– Switching toys often. Normally we switch toys out in our living room with ones from the basement every few days, or even once a week, but lately the kids have been growing bored much faster. Sometimes up to twice a day, I find myself lugging toys back downstairs, returning with new ones to play with. This keeps things interesting, and keeps the kids entertained.

I also just said yes to pancakes for dinner, instead of the typical salmon/rice/broccoli on Friday nights 🙂

What have you said yes to lately?


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