Meal Plan Monday – July 22 2013

Meal Plan Monday – July 22 2013

I’m hoping this will be a big week in our house. We are all finally feeling better, except for the occasional sniffle from myself or my husband, so we should finally be able to get out and enjoy summer. We’ve got plans to hit the splash pad, the waterfront, and even a local water park with my parents and my sister and her kids! I should be able to finally try out that Greek yogurt recipe that I have been dying to try for a couple of weeks now, and with slightly cooler temps this week, there might be a batch of cookies or brownies to be made. I’m also starting a new cleaning schedule, and trying to get the kids back on an afternoon nap (they were doing great until they got sick 2 weeks ago and insisted on the usual 10am nap), and you know, waiting on that Royal Baby who should be making an appearance any minute now…

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – chicken fried rice and grilled peppers

Tuesday – my famous spaghetti

Wednesday – chicken quesadillas and salad

Thursday – chicken and black bean tacos

Friday – grilled salmon and zuchinni with brown rice

As always, I am linking up with Laura over at Org Junkie. Happy Meal Planning everyone!


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