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Frugal Tip Tuesday – cleaning schedules

I know I have talked about being frugal with time, time management, and being organized before, and having a cleaning schedule can really help with this. Of course, having a schedule is only good if you actually stick to it, which I know I have had issues with in the past. Whether you are a stay at home mom, or a working mom, having a schedule to spread your cleaning out to a little each day can save you time on the weekend. Instead of spending an entire day cleaning a weeks worth of mess, do a little each morning or each evening, and you will have more time to spend with your family on Saturday!

My kids are big on routine, and their days are laid out pretty much the same each day, as far as food and naps go. And there are certain things we always do on certain days of the week, like groceries on Monday, and the library on Tuesday. And I do of course have my own routines for getting the little things done around the house, liking making beds, and emptying the dishwasher, but no set day to vacuum or clean toilets. Not having a set day for the big cleaning tasks means they are completed somewhat randomly, and I can’t always remember what day the previous week I mopped the floors. Having a set day for these tasks will take the thinking out of it for me, and that’s a good thing for this tired momma!

I have searched Pinterest, and even come up with my own schedules in the past, but none ever stuck. Here are some of the ones I have used in the past, and the last one is my current one.






As you can see, they can vary in how much cleaning is done each day, all depends on how OCD you are I guess 😉 . You can even make your own, written or on the computer, lots of blogs/sites have super cute printables too.

Do you have a cleaning schedule?

  1. Just looking at these cleaning schedules makes me feel bad! I was feeling good about vacuuming tonight. Wiping the walls, baseboards and cabinets is really something I should do way more often. It is such a huge task when I attempt to take it on. Gotta love the sticky fingers and missed food splatter.
    • No! My intention wasn't to make you feel bad! We have white cupboard in the kitchen, I love them so much, but they are always dirty, especially around the dishwasher! I feel like I wipe them down 10 times a day, there is always something splattered on them, or icky finger prints. It drives me nuts! And just because my schedule is printed off and on my fridge, doesn't mean I am always caught up on it, and I'm not nearly as busy as you!

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