Meal Plan Monday – July 29th 2013

Meal Plan Monday – July 29th 2013

The last Monday of July?! Goodness this summer is just flying by! I hope you are all having some frugal summer fun! We hit the beach and the zoo this past weekend, and will be visiting a local water park this week, as well as a family cottage. I just love spending time outside with my kids. The weather is perfect right now (cooler mornings and evenings with hot afternoon!), and the fresh air and sunshine sure runs the kids down and helps them sleep so much better.

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – island pork (done on the stove top not oven) , grilled zucchini and garlic bread

Tuesday – cheese perogies and salad

Wednesday – slow cooker rotisserie style chicken with cheesy cauliflower and salad

Thursday – avocado grilled cheese sandwiches and salad

Friday – grilled salmon and peppers with brown rice

As usual, I am linking up with Laura of over Org Junkie, stop by for some great menu inspiration! Happy meal planning everyone!


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    1. my daughter does! it's not very spicey since it's mixed with so much sugar, you could always cut it down if you were worried, or just cut the crust off it for them. If there are any leftovers, it tastes even better cold the next day!

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