Frugal Friday Favourites

Frugal Friday Favourites

We’ve been so busy enjoying summer that I haven’t had much time to sit down and write out a really nice post in a while. So I thought today I would share some random things from my family’s life, that have happened over the past couple weeks, that have been frugal.

Back to school shopping – I guess it’s just school shopping, since my son is heading there for the first time, but it was extra shopping non the less. In future years, once we have lots of kids going, extra money is definitely going to be put aside, because it gets expensive! I managed to hit some incredible sales, spending only $60 on the following: a Thomas the Train backpack, Planes shoes, leather navy running shoes (these were 70% off, only cost me $9!), a dinosaur water bottle, a train lunch bag, and a new outfit (not pictured, as it’s already been washed and put away). A single pair of kids shoes could have cost $60, so I think I did pretty good.

back to school
I should have added a box of tissues to this picture, since I’m sure there will be tears (from both of us!) on that first day.

Desserts – Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone or sundae on a hot summer day? We sure love our sweets, and thankfully they have been going on sale every week! Chocolate ice pops, oatmeal ice cream sandwiches, and cartons of ice cream too, have been regulars in our freezer. It’s so much cheaper to buy them at the grocery store, than to hit up the drive thru for a frozen treat, and my son can’t stop talking about all the toppings that were on his sundae last night! But, I’m not going to lie, we did hit up Dairy Queen last week, and even with a coupon, it was still almost $10 for 2 banana splits and a mini blizzard.

Veggie Garden – She’s still going strong! We had carrots this week, which were delicious! Super sweet and crunchy, and much bigger than last years carrots, which is awesome. There are still some turnips out there, lots more carrots, and the green beans might actually start growing soon too. My little fence has kept the bunny away too, $12 well spent!

veggie garden
Carrots pulled right before dinner! Maybe I should have left some of the dirt in the garden.

The Library – I feel like people don’t take advantage of the library enough. You know they give you stuff for FREE right? We have great libraries in my town, and my family uses they all the time. I take the kids once a week to pick out a couple of movies and lots of books for bedtime stories. Lately we’ve been going twice or more a week, because my husband has decided to catch up on movies from the past 5 years that he never got to see. Free Blu Rays? What’s better than that!

Daily Deals Websites – I’m not a fan of them, because they often cause people to buy things just because they see the deal, but I love them for when I am looking for something, and I can get it much cheaper. There are so many of them, and most of the time they aren’t useful, but it’s worth it getting all that junk mail when you come across an offer that you actually will use! This week I bought a Groupon for a family portrait session, which we’ve needed to do for a long time, and this was such a great deal that I jumped at it. Booked our appointment for a day next week when my husband is off, and fingers crossed the kids actually sit still and smile, but if not, it’s was only $35.

I would love to hear from you, what have been some frugal things you’ve done this summer?

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