20 Things From My 20s

20 Things From My 20s

I’m 30, and have been for nearly a week, and things seem to be just the same as they were when I was 29. Not that I was expecting a drastic change, but the way people dread it, and how everyone kept asking me if I was stressed about it, I thought it would be a little more dramatic.

We kept things low-key, after all, my husband did husband did take me on the trip to Boston. He showered me with all my favourite foods, and a couple of nice family dinners with all our family. It was perfect.

Feeling a little sentimental, and completely blessed with the amazing life I have, I thought I would make a list of awesome stuff that happened in my 20s,and of course share it with all of you. The past 10 years have easily been the best yet, and I can’t wait to see what the next years have in store for me.

So here we go, sort of in order of significance:

1. My marriage – Not just my wedding day, as special as that was, but having an amazing first 5 years of marriage, and to be blessed with such an incredible husband.

2. My first born – He is the sweetest and most stubborn (he gets that from me) little guy, it has been amazing watching him grow.

3. My second born – She is a super happy girl with just a touch of sass, and just like her brother, has brought so much joy to our lives

4. My Baptism – Easter Vigil 2009, my life forever changed!

5. Read the Bible cover to cover – Last fall/winter I read the entire thing, cover to cover. How many can say they have done that?

6. Graduated University – I didn’t pick the best program, or the best school, but it was an eye opening experience non the less.

7. Attended my first conference alone – I attended the Dynamic Women of Faith conference this past winter. Amazing to be in the same room as so many other strong Catholic women, so inspiring and I can’t wait for next year.

8. Survived the first 4 years of being a stay at home Mom – It has the best and the hardest thing I have and will ever do.

9. Started eating healthier – Just because I am thin, doesn’t mean I am healthy. Changing how we eat has made us all happier and healthier.

10. Being financially stable – A mortgage and a small car loan is the only debt we have, a little set aside for retirement and a little for our kids, we’re doing ok.

11. Bought our first home – Something I always assumed I would be able to afford one day, but the fact that we have a beautiful brand new house, and have done it on a single income is pretty impressive.

12. A little bit of travel – San Fran, San Diego, Dominican Republic, East Coast of Canada, Cooperstown NY, Boston. We aren’t globe trotters by any means, but what we have done has been great.

14. First of many NFL games, including full days of tailgating – My husband is a HUGE football fan, and we try to make it to Orchard Park NY each season to see the Bills, but really the hanging out in a cold parking lot, having a beer and some bbq is the best part.

15. Learned to sew – I took some classes, and now I know how to sew, I just wish I had more time to do it.

16. Learned how to grow vegetables – Two years in, and I love having fresh produce to feed my family.

17. Perfected my brownie recipe – I love that I have a super quick and easy recipe, that I know by heart, and always have the ingredients on hand for. And it doesn’t hurt that they are the best brownies ever.

18. Running a household smoothly – It’s not always a simple task, and will get more complicated as our family expands, but I think we have a pretty good routine, and I have things under control.

19. My first pitch – No, not in baseball, but in free lance writing.

20. Folding the perfect fitted sheet – thank you youtube for having awesome videos that teach us legitimate things

Happy Birthday to me 🙂

And now that the list is done, and I’m about to hit publish, I just hope I haven’t missed anything significant…

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