Safety First – Stop personalizing backpacks!

Safety First – Stop personalizing backpacks!

As kids start heading back to school, or in our case to school for the first time, there are so many safety things to go over with them. Rules about who can pick them up from school, how to cross the road safely, and of course rules about talking to strangers.

As a kid, I LOVED having my name on things, it didn’t often appear on things, so when I did find it on something I wanted it. Thankfully, my mother stopped the personalized items at backpacks and shirts. Labelling your child’s belongings is one thing, putting their name on display for all to see is another.

This is especially important if they are older and walking to and from school alone. Having their name in bright bold letters on their backpack, visible from far away, where a stranger can read it and call it out is a BAD IDEA! I’m not trying to scare anyone, but evil does exist, so let’s not give evil our children’s name to call out, making them stop and turn around to see who is there.

I figure my son won’t be the only kid in his class with a Thomas the Train backpack, I have written his name on the inside, but I want it to be easy for him to know which one is his. Instead of writing his name on the outside, I bought a little key chain from the party supply store for 59 cents. It will go on his zipper so he knows it’s his…now I just hope another kid doesn’t have the same Thomas backpack and Donald the Duck skateboard key chain.

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