Taking Advantage of Grandparent Discounts

Taking Advantage of Grandparent Discounts

You know how many stores have senior discounts, some places, usually children’s places, offer “grandparent” discounts. My favourite local children’s consignment store has a 15% discount every Thursday for Grandparents, and today I took advantage!

My Mom and I went (she paid, my sister and I paid her back) and here is what we bought:


Second hand deals!

Pink and brown Joe Fresh snow suit – $17

Grey and orange Joe Boxer snow suit – $17

Purple Urban Rags snow pants – $7

Black SmartFit dress shoes  – $4

Everything looks only lightly worn (the shoes don’t have new tags, but I’m pretty sure they have never been worn outside, my son needs them for an up coming wedding) and in working order (zippers and snaps all work). Boots and hats I will buy new, but snow suits can cost a fortune each winter, so if I can get them, I buy them second hand.

And those larger purple snow pants, are actually for me! I love being small! These are a girls size 14, and they fit me, and will match my winter coat perfectly!

This is actually only half of what we bought! We also picked up a winter coat and dress shoes for my nephew, a snow suit for my niece, and a pretty dress for my Mom to take a part and use the lining/crinoline for the flower girl dress she is making.

So let’s total it all up: 3 complete snow suits, 2 pairs of dress shows, 1 coat, 1 pair of snow pants, and a dress for a grand total of


So, if your kids new snow suits this year, and you don’t mind buying the second hand, now is the time to get them! The selection was incredible, and you can’t beat less than $20 for two pieces! Just make sure everything works, and nothing is too worn.

Happy thrifting!

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  1. I like to hit Children's Place in early spring and buy my kids snow suits for next year. Last year I bought 2 jackets, 2 snow pants, and 2 toques for $53!
    1. My mom often does that for my niece and nephew, who are older, and I will too once my guys are older, right now they seem to grow so randomly, I'm afraid to buy too far in the future, because they won't fit

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