Minimal Money, Maximum Impact

Minimal Money, Maximum Impact

Home improvements are usually expensive, but sometimes you can make major impact with only spending a little bit of money.

In the next few weeks we will be hosting two birthday parties in our house. So of course, I’m looking around at a few little projects that I want to finally get finished, instead of making up the loot bags or planning out the scavenger hunts. On Monday, after dropping my son at school, my daughter and I headed to the local home improvement store. We spent less than $50 on 1 can of paint and some new curtain hold backs.

Fifty dollars. That’s it. And let me tell you, the impact of these small purchases is incredible!

Our main floor powder room has been white since we moved in. White walls, white pedestal sink, white toilet. So I painted it a medium grey! Along with a few accents I picked up earlier in the summer (yellow hand towels, and a grey garbage can) and a super easy DIY art work, it’s looking pretty great:

The tiles are beige and grey; perfect for warm and cool tones on the walls. The colour is Rocky Bluffs by Valspar (colour matched because I wanted a different brand of paint that was on sale!)

This picture doesn’t do it justice, and I apologize as I’m not a photographer. It’s darker and richer looking, super cozy, and a little dramatic. I love it! My husband and I have been talking crown mouldings and framing the mirror next 🙂

The tie backs were for the curtains we have on our patio door in our kitchen. The curtains themselves are beige tab tops, nothing exciting, but they are insulated, and keep the sun out that sets right through that door. I didn’t think they would have as big of an impact as they door, but holding the curtains back just that extra couple inches, opens the entire kitchen up, and the light just floods in. And they are gorgeous, so that doesn’t hurt either:

I’m obsessed with these little guys! $13 for the pair, so pretty, and help let so much more light in our kitchen and living room.

I’m amazed at what a difference these two purchases have made. See, home improvements and decorating don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Next up, new throw cushions for the couch, crown moulding and framing the mirror, and maybe new drapes for the front windows too! Don’t worry, my husband will stop me before I get too carried away.

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  1. i agree with you!!! I have been slowly going at small projects around the house too...I got awesome curtains for my family room for 16.99 a panel and beautiful feather down throw pillows at homesense (you should check them out if your looking...they are beyond comfy) all the little things can really make a home feel more complete
    1. Homesense is on my list of stores to check out for pillows! Love that place! Though I did see some awesome 24inch pillows at Target, on clearance for $18 each, which I totally might go back for tonite :)

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