Meal Plan Monday – Oct 14 2013

Meal Plan Monday – Oct 14 2013

I think I can finally relax. The chaos of all the birthdays plus Thanksgiving is finally over. All that is left for this busy month is my brothers wedding and Halloween. Other than showing up the day of and keeping my kids (a ring bearer and a flower girl) happy, I just have to find a dress for myself to wear…which is proving harder than I thought. My only other task was to make the bows for the backs of the flower girl dresses, and I made those today! Halloween is easy too, my kids have their costumes, and I’ve even bought some candy already!

I hope all you Canadians enjoyed your Thanksgiving this weekend, because we sure did! Over eating is always going to happen, so we combated that with a family hike this morning. nearly an hour and a half running, climbing hills, and walking through the colourful forest of a local conservation area. It was wonderful, some much needed exercise for us all, and some wonderful time with just our little family of 4.

I think we have had our fill of sweets and heavy meals, so I’m keeping things kinda light and heavy on the veggies this week:

Tuesday – baked chicken with roasted asparagus and red peppers

Wednesday – spaghetti and garden salad

Thursday – chicken dogs and garden salad

Friday – loaded Mexican sweet potatoes (baked sweet potatoes covered in chili, sour cream, and avocado slices)

As always, I am linking up with Org Junkie. Stop by to check out some great tips, and of course great menu ideas!


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