Kitchen Commaned Centre Make Over

Kitchen Commaned Centre Make Over

It’s was nearly 2 months ago that I first tweeted about redoing my kitchen command centre. With my son starting JK this year, we had tons of papers coming home each day, and they were taking over the kitchen counter and computer desk. I had already picked up an awesome calendar for the fridge to stay organized (grabbed it at Costco for less than $10!), but I needed something to keep papers organized, and knew the command centre wall would need an overhaul.

The reason it took so long to get to, was because it took me forever to find a hanging file system that was cheap, and that I liked the look of. My initial online search found ones that cost nearly $100, which is just insane. I tried looking for one second hand, but that can be so hit and miss, and the thrift stores I visited, of course didn’t have any, though I’m sure they would now that I’m done. But a quick trip to my local office supply store, and I found a black metal one with 3 pockets for papers, was easy to install, and only $22. And since that was the only thing I was purchasing (everything else I owned or was making), I figured it wasn’t that expensive…

So here are the before and after pictures, which is really all you wanted to see, right?!

commandcentreBefore You can see it wasn’t much of a “command centre” other than the menu plan and the calendar, and the shelf having some pens on it…

command centreMuch better! a little decorative too with the P initials (large one is fabric covered after failing at covering it in yarn, and the smaller ones are just painted). You can see I left the bulletin board in the same place (it was hung using screws and plugs that I just didn’t want to deal with), and  everything else was moved around, and of course added to. As soon as it was complete, I hung the bibs back up (now lower so the 2 year old can reach!) and filled the baskets with all the school papers that were covering my kitchen counter.

Here is what I used:

– fabric covered P (that I cut out of cardboard and a remnant of fabric), two smaller P initials from Walmart that I painted using acrylic craft paint

– Menu planning board (see my tutorial here)

– bronze finished clock from Sears that was a wedding gift (might need a new one, as this doesn’t keep very good time any more)

– mesh 3-slot wall file in black from Staples (found here, and it’s even on sale now!)

– wood shelf with 3 hooks, found at a thrift store years go

– small cork board, that I covered in fabric and painted black (see my tutorial here)

I just love looking at all the awesome kitchen command centres on Pinterest, and now I have one that I think is pretty awesome. I hope it inspires some of you to make a wall more functional and beautiful.

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