Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Remember when I said you should plan things early? Well that includes stocking stuffers! There are so many great options out there, and it doesn’t all have to be junky little things from the dollar store, or a sock full of candy either! My husband and I treat stockings for each other differently than we do for the kids. Because these items cost more, the stocking counts more as a gift from the total budget we try to stick to, than the more frugal options St. Nick fills the kids stockings with.

Here are some of the favourite stocking stuffers my husband and I like to treat each other too:

– Magazines

– Books

– DVDs/BluRays

– Video Games

– Snacks like candies, chips, nuts and beef jerky (for him, not me!)

– Scratch and win lottery tickets

– Small bottles of alcohol

– Hockey tickets (bought through Costco for a local OHL team)

Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Here is a list of more frugal options, perfect for the little ones:

– Craft supplies

– Colouring book

– Socks

– Toothbrush

– Their favourite chocolate bar

– Kinder Eggs

– Bible Stories and prayer cards

– Hair clips and head bands

– Smaller toys like action figures or my little ponies

– Chocolate coins

– Funny glasses and hats from the dollar store to play dress up with

Some other frugal ideas for older kids or even grown-ups:

– Travel sized lotions (perhaps that you have collected from all those websites that send our free samples!)

– $5 gift cards (for coffee or music downloads)

– Make up/nail polish/lip gloss

– Travel sized board games

– Slippers

– Gloves or mitts

I would love to hear from YOU! What are some of the favourite stocking stuffers in your house?

  1. I think you received all of the above from us and Santa at sometimes in your life.
  2. Great ideas! Do you know how much you usually spend on stockings? DH and I don't do stockings for each other anymore but I like that your adult stockings seem to be reasonably priced "treats" rather than practical items that you'd just buy anyway throughout the year. We've done stuff like hot wheels, kinder eggs, small action figures, books, xmas ornaments, lego character mystery package, Playmobil figurines, marbles, those little foam airplanes that are in 2 pieces you put together ($0.50! at Mastermind), a few chocolate santas or Hershey kisses (Bulk Barn), and always an orange in the very bottom of the stocking. Other things we're doing this year are $5 McD's gift cards since both recognize the logo and would be excited about a trip to McD's. I also thought about a small Dollar Store GC for the 5yo since he is starting to get interested in paying for things at the cash. Another frugal tip - our stockings aren't that big!!! lol
    • The kids, we usually spend about $10 on their stockings. I love the gift card idea for the dollar store! My son would love picking something out and paying for it all on his own too! And those planes, I totally forgot about them, they are so much fun!
  3. I had forgotten all about those planes too! Wow, $10! High five! We definitely spend a bit more than that. I think somewhere closer to $25 for B and $15 for N. It's easier to spend less on the littles. We do spend a bit more because of the ornament. Getting an ornament each Christmas was tradition when I was young. I got one every year with my name and year on it. It was nice because I got to take them when I left home and can show my boys the Sesame Street/Beauty & the Beast/etc. ornaments from my childhood :)
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  5. My kids are in late teens.. I buy body wash, deodorant, ice scrapers, hair products, cologne, razor blades, beard trimmers, Gloves they can wear and still use touchscreen on phones, movie tickets, video game rentals.. The list is endless
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