Meal Plan Monday- December 16th 2013

Meal Plan Monday- December 16th 2013

Nine days everyone! Are you ready? I finished my shopping a little while ago, we got the tree decorated this weekend, the lights up outside, and a few other decorations up around the house. My son is really started to get excited, as he cuts his paper rings off his Advent chain, and it gets shorter and shorter. And having only 3 days left of school helps with the excitement too!

I simply cannot wait till Christmas morning; having a 2 year old and a 4 year old sure makes Christmas special! I cannot wait to see their excitement and their bright faces as they open their gifts, and give others gifts as well! I really have to refrain from thinking about it too much, because it makes me so excited!

This weeks’ grocery bill was a little higher than normal because I had to buy all my ingredients for my Christmas baking. You all know that I love to bake, so each day this week I am making a different treat! It might seem like a lot, but it isn’t all for us! Some of it is going to my son’s teacher, our crossing guard, a neighbour, and some will be sent with family when they fly to visit my husband’s Grandmother after Christmas. Today I made mud pies (I will share that recipe later this week), tomorrow I will make my famous fudge, Wednesday is Jaime Oliver Scottish shortbread (my Mom makes the BEST soft/fluffy shortbread cookies, so I like making this crisper version) and chocolate covered pretzels, Thursday I will bake sugar cookies with the kids, and we’ll decorate them on Friday.

Since we’ll be eating a lot of treats this week, how about some healthy veggie loaded dinners? Here’s what we are eating this week:

Monday – grilled penne with peas and cream sauce, and salad

Tuesday – grilled sausages with roasted cauliflower and salad

Wednesday – slow cooker honey sesame chicken over rice with salad

Thursday – pasta with meatballs in a vegetable tomato sauce

Friday – grilled salmon with rice and glazed carrots

As always, I am linking up over at Org Junkie, make sure you stop by for lots of great menu ideas.


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