Meal Plan Tuesday – Jan 7th 2014

Meal Plan Tuesday – Jan 7th 2014

First meal plan of the year, and I failed to get it up on Monday. Opps! Yesterday was crazy with the start back to school, and a snow storm on the horizon, and now today it’s -37C with the windchill! For some reason I thought we were going to have a mild winter…guess I heard wrong.

I managed to get out to the grocery store last night, in time to make a super yummy dinner of PF Chang’s knock off lettuce wraps. These things are incredible, and so easy to make. Even though it’s been snowing all the time, and bitter wind chills, I have been craving fresh tasting meals, not hot comfort foods…I think my body is over this winter thing and wants the fresh fruit and veggies of the spring and summer.

Here is what we are eating this week:

Monday – PH Chang’s lettuce wraps (I added a diced yellow pepper, for even more crunch and an extra veggie)

Tuesday – crispy chicken tortilla roll-ups with salad

Wednesday – my famous spaghetti

Thursday – beef tacos

Friday – cheesy Mexican quinoa

As always, I am linking up at Org Junkie, stop by for lots of great tips and meal planning resources.


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