Frugal Valentine’s Day

Frugal Valentine’s Day

Even though my hubby and I don’t celebrate this day, I thought I would still share some great ideas for keeping the cost down on a day when the markup can be so high.

This year I am excited to do up Valentine’s for my son to take so school. I have been pinning ideas like crazy, and debating between cards, cards with treats, or cards with snacks…I finally decided on super hero lollipops that read “You’re a SUPER friend” on the little paper cape with him writing his name on them too.

super lolli 1
Super Lolli to the rescue!
super lolli 2
a little paper, and a little time, and you’ve got one SUPER cute Valentine!

And I think that’s the trick to saving the most money; a little DIY action!

Make dinner – spend a little more on a better cut of meat, or a make a fancier dessert than normal. Making it yourself is a sure way to save money, especially when Valentines Day menus in restaurants tend to be expensive, and reservations are hard to get.

Make the gift – write a poem, make a card, show off your craft skills. Even if you still want to purchase something, you could wrap it up really nicely, or add a hand made element to make it more thoughtful and personal.

Skip the flowers – I love flowers as much as the next girl, actually, possibly even more, but not this time of year. Skip the roses, or really flowers of any kind. It blows my mind that they triple the price for one day, when the next day they will be back to their usual $10 bouquet prices.

Postpone – if you insist on getting or receiving those long stem red roses, that fancy box of chocolates, and the best table at the best restaurant, why not celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day. Some people do this all the time, just out of scheduling conflicts with work, so why not do it to save some money.

Skip it all together – I get it, I really do, and I’m not trying to down play all the love birds out there that insist on celebrating this day. But I don’t need this day to tell my husband how much I love him, I do that every single day. Six years in, and I still feel like the luckiest woman in the world, and as if we are still in that newly wed love bird phase. I keep hearing about couples who don’t buy Christmas presents, anniversary presents, or birthday presents for each other, well we go big on those days, and skip this Hallmark one. And as a Catholic, since it was removed from the Roman calendar of official worldwide Catholic feasts, due to it’s lack of a clear historical record, I can just say an extra prayer that day for my marriage and love for others around the world, and save some money.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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