Meal Plan Monday – Feb 24th 2014

Meal Plan Monday – Feb 24th 2014

If you follow me on twitter, you may have heard about my low iron. Last week I got the results from some blood work at my midwife appointment, and my iron supple is very very low. I have never had iron issues in previous pregnancies, so this came as a bit of a shock! So now I am on iron supplements and increasing my iron in my diet as well, since natural sources or iron are more easily absorbed. We do eat a pretty healthy diet in our family, fairly well balanced too, but for those first two months of my pregnancy, all I ate were plain bland carbs, and that clearly has had an impact. They say that your baby will almost always be fine, as it will just take what it needs from you, but that will than leave you with a depleted supply….and for me, it’s in the iron department. And thankfully, the baby is fine! We heard the nice strong heart beat at that appointment as well!

So over the weekend I did some food prep and shopping for iron rich foods. I cashed in some of our PC points, and managed to pick up $50 worth of groceries for less than $2! Now that’s eating frugal! I made kale chips (super yummy, but I burned them so they were a little bitter), Chex Mix with added Cheerios, almonds and pumpkin seeds (cereals are all fortified with iron, but you have to eat them dry since milk can prevent your body from absorbing the iron, so instead of eating handfuls of dry cereal, I made Chex Mix!). I also bought a bag of dried black beans and cooked them up. It was easy, a super frugal option, and saves my baby from being exposed to the BPA in the canned beans. I also have plans for some spicy chick peas, and oatmeal cookies too. This is all of course in addition to increasing the amount of meat I eat on a daily basis as well.

So here is our dinner menu for the week:

Monday – mince and totties (didn’t end up eating this last week)

Tuesday – Spaghetti

Wednesday – cilantro lime chicken and black bean and corn salad with avocados

Thursday – pizza and salad

Friday – black bean and monterey jack quesadillas (followed by my hubby and I heading into the city for the Lady Antebellum concert!)

As always, I am linking up over at Org Junkie, stop by for a great selection of recipes and organizing tips!


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