Super Simple Coconut Oil Deodorant

Super Simple Coconut Oil Deodorant

I’ve been curious about coconut oil for a while now; the crunchy side of me has always wondered if it lived up to all that people talked about, or if it was just another trend. I’ve gone out before to purchase it, but became overwhelmed by the options (virgin, cold pressed, unrefined) and all the brands, that I never bought any…and frankly, the frugal side of me was worried I wouldn’t find enough uses for it to justify the price. The more you buy at once, the cheaper it is, but did I really need a gigantic jar of the stuff? Would I actually use it all?

Having you ever googled the stuff? Or searched it on Pinterest? The list of uses seems to expand every day, and I just love hearing what other people use the stuff for (so if you love it like I now do, please leave me a comment with how you use it!) I am slowly venturing into using it in cooking and baking, but mostly I’ve been keeping it in my bathroom. First and foremost it’s become my deodorant, as well as a moisturizer for my stretching skin over my pregnant belly and around my eyes. It also seems to help my daughters extremely dry skin. But today, I want to focus on it as a natural deodorant option.

coconut oil deodorant

Antiperspirants and deodorants are so very bad for you. I’ve known this for years! They leach harmful chemicals into your skin, clog your pores (which is the point, right?!) and have been linked to breast cancer. My husband gave up using any such product years ago, lucky for him, he never smells, and he has been on my case to do the same. I’ve tried just about every natural product out there, and none of them worked with my body chemistry. I’ve always been a sweaty person, even as a kid, and with puberty came the smell aspect as well. My husband swears I don’t smell, but honestly, he doesn’t have the best sense of smell. Wasting money on the over priced natural products frustrated me greatly! And I have heard about using coconut oil, but all the recipes I found online had strange other ingredients in them that I had to order online…it seemed like too much work, and money, for something that might not even work for me.But when Allie (from Table for More, and now The Real Healthwives) shared how she uses just coconut oil and baking soda for deodorant, I instantly knew I had to try it. I went out that night and bought the stuff! If it didn’t work for me, than I’d find other uses for the oil, right, so no waste!

Her method of simple applying a tiny of bit coconut oil under your arm, followed by a little baking soda is quick and easy. I keep small containers of both in my bathroom now. I’ve been using this every day for about a week, we have had some warm days and the stuff worked. Like it really really worked! There was only one day that I got super sweaty, but I didn’t smell…the first time since I was like 12 that my sweat didn’t smell! If there is any scent when I did sweat, it was just a hint of coconut, and frankly, that is fine by me since it’s one of my favourite scents, and much better than the baby powder scents most products come in.

I’ve since read on other blogs and sites that sometimes your body needs to detox a bit, and so it may take a few days to adjust to the coconut oil. So if you find yourself sweating more and smellier more than normal, give it a few days before you make your decision. You will still sweat, as it’s not an antiperspirants, but perhaps the baking soda will help a bit with that, but don’t worry, it’s ok to sweat, your body needs to! I also found that rubbing the baking soda in irritated my sensitive underarm skin, so now I pat it on, and it works just fine!

I can’t wait to try it out on more pregnancy and breastfeeding things, and of course on this new bundle once it arrives (I’ve heard its great for baby acne, and diaper rashes too!) And of course, I want to start using it regularly in the kitchen as well

PLEASE share what you use your coconut oil for, I’m totally late to this game, but am completely in love with the stuff and want to use it in everything!

The crunchiest thing about me used to be the cloth diapers I put my kids in, or maybe my use of a Diva Cup, or our backyard veggie garden and rain barrel…not anymore!



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