Veggie Garden 2014

Veggie Garden 2014

Spring is finally here in Ontario…well, I think it is. My kids did wear winter coats this morning, and there was a chance of snow, but surely there won’t be any more…It’s time to start thinking about my vegetable garden for this year. Last year wasn’t that successful thanks to our bunny friend, but I’ve got fencing, and am willing to purchase an automated water deterrent to keep them away if I have to!

Because it has been so cold here, I hadn’t given the garden much thought yet…that and I’m 6 months pregnant, so I wasn’t even sure if I would do it this year. But we are going to! I am even thinking of expanding it too, making it look a little more finished, and like it’s an actual part of the backyard, instead of this random square with veggies growing in it.

The early planting season is now though, so I’ll have to get my husband to turn the garden over, re-edge it, and add some manure so that I can plant the seeds…seeds, still haven’t tested those that are in the fridge to see if they are still good…I’m already failing at this garden before I have even started it!

On the planting list this year are the following:

green beans



green onions


These have all done well in the past years, so I’m sticking with them. My mom, and neighbours grow tomatoes, so I don’t need to grow those….perhaps a wander through the seeds aisle for some inspiration is needed to something a little different this year!

Have you ever done a vegetable garden? From plants or seeds? I would love to hear about yours, or if you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to ask!

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  1. In my experience tomatoes are fairly low maintenance. We have done the cherry ones in the past. My boys love 'em. Did you give much thought to maintenance when selecting veggie varieties this year with #3 on the way? We *might* plant one tomato plant in the backyard this year. We'll see if the 6yo would be up for maintaining it. :o)
    1. Everything I normally grow is pretty easy and low maintenance. And doing the square foot gardening method means less weeding too :) I do love those cute little grape and cherry tomatoes...maybe I will venture into the tomato world afterall!

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